Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictures with Young Jodie

officemate Jesli with his crush Barbie

the superfriends with Barbie

Im posting these pictures with Barbie of First Time for posterity sake. She also played the young Jodie in Stairway to Heaven. She's really sweet, even made beso to everyone in the room when she was introduced to us. I hope she gets really famous so these pictures get more valuable :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post Mortem February 7 activities

The whole family went to Quezon City Memorial Circle for the first time last Sunday. It was a really fun and interesting experience worth logging in my blog.

I always wanted to go there with the kids after I saw the park being featured several times on TV. Also, growing up in Pasay, it was always CCP complex every weekend.
Finally, shortly before 9am we all went to Quezon City Circle equipped with just water, some crackers for the kids and their necessities. As our cab made its way through the entrance I notice some people walking home already (well, 9am is already kinda late for joggers). But as we reached the playground area all of us were surprised to see the how much crowded it is! The play areas were filled with so many kids, its like 70%of the kids in QC were all there! There are so many playgrounds in that area, around 10 or more, and all of which were filled with kids ranging from 0 to 12yrs. I think I saw one even older trying the slides.
Sophie and Sam were ecstatic upon seeing the play areas. Sophie immediately ran to the nearest playground which I later realized were for 1-3 yrs olds (so that's why its not so crowded than the rest...) It had simple and not so steep slide, very toddler friendly steps,etc. After a while, I think Sophie realized also that the play area she's in was too simple for her and coaxed me into going to other play areas.

Sam enjoyed sitting on this yellow ring. that's as far as he can go for now :)

I think it was a great idea they used artificial bermuda as flooring for every play area. It's less maintenance and safe for kids. Why isnt there slides and swings for adults? I was green with envy as I watched the kids get up on those slides.Pag yumaman ako magpapagawa ako ng playground only for me hehe.

Sam gets a hug from Ate Sophie :)

The benches were full also. Some families were having picnic fiesta, some were celebrating their birthday in the park, some were watching their kids play, some just making tambay. So Stephen and i decided to check out the rows of tiangge across the playground. After successfully dodging the bikers, we finally reached the tiangge area and it was nice to see that although we didnt bring much food, there are so many stalls that sell food and drinks. Interestingly enough, there are so many vendors in that area selling assortment of stuff, does this mean there really is a market in that area for, say, novelty items made of styrofoam? Well, for one, there's a great market for those 20-peso rubber balls and that includes us. We bought sophie and sam a ball each and a P10 bubble maker for sophie because I promised her I'll buy one. Lesson: always keep your promise to a child because... not because it will scar her for eternity but because she will haunt you about it until you go crazy! You cant imagine how much determination and patience kids have for haunting and traumatizing adults.

Sophie poses with her P20 ball

While Sam eats his ball :)

Anyway, I so wanted to ride the bike so I rented a bike with sidecar for only P100/hr. Sidecar so Sophie and Sam can ride also. It was kinda traffic on the bike lane but it was fun, I missed riding bikes. By the way, you can also rent bikes for P60 or 80 for single bikes (price vary if its mountain bike or bmx-ish bike), P80 for a bike with one seater sidecar. Our P100 bike is a 2-seater sidecar. Minimum rental time is 1 hour.

After bike and playground we had our early lunch of siomai (it's worth your P28.00), footlong and burger. I cant remember the name of the open resto but it's near Circles of Fun. We wanted to try the mushroom burger near the organic tiangges but kinda chickened out because it may not be like the one in Tagaytay. I'll want to try it,though, next time. I also want to visit All Organics. I want to personally introduce myself to the genius mom/inventor of the organic products which I have been patronizing for some time now. I want to buy also those herbs in pots and see if I can grow them myself.

Stephen and I promised to go back to QMC again one weekend, dapat mas maaga para not so hot yet. I forgot to wear my sunblock that by 10am I was kinda panicking already. You know, getting older na and skin's not as supple as before so I need to be more conscious.

That night, we had a family bbq dinner of chicken, liver and fish and dined outside underneath the stars :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Biggest Loser The game is ON!

Our unit in the office decided to hold a contest called the Biggest Loser. Just like the mechanics of the popular American show, the person with the biggest weight to lose after a period will win. We all agreed to each put P200  in our pot and the total amount will go to the biggest loser winner (confusing eh).
Actually, the grand prize is not so big, around 3K (other departments' prize money is12K! while others have more). But I needed the challenge that's why I joined. Last time I checked (during our first weigh in) my weight was the same as I was pregnant. That is really alarming. Yes, that's right, biggest loser has become a popular contest here in GMA. Even other department is holding their own biggest loser challenge.

I hope I can keep up with the challenge. No more dinner for 2 weeks now. I still have my cheat days and I eat anything I want in the morning but I try following the 4 small meals technique, see if it works. I already tried avoiding softdrinks, iced tea, chocolates and fatty foods esp. at night. I hope I can avoid beer, though, being a self confessed beer addict. Especially, lately I was able to try San Mig Premium Malt. The best!

But hey, last saturday I did a 30-minute run/walk around the basketball court. Geesh, losing weight is harder than gaining weight...
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