Friday, January 28, 2011

Mommy Moments - New Family Photo

Our latest family pic, taken last Saturday in Tivoli Garden 

Another photo that I want to share is how old high school friends become dads and grow a family.
Here is the photo of my husband and his old high school buddies, posing just like they did in high school pic.

 Here they are now with the wives and kids during a post Christmas party/1st ever reunion at our house.

Happy MM to everyone : )                          mommy moments

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something New

This year, I’m thinking of something new to learn. That’s one of my yearly goals, to learn or do something new every year. I actually got more serious about this goal after I got married. I know that having a family should not be a reason for me to stop growing as an individual. I have a problem with keeping still, for one, that’s my weakness at some point I guess. I am impatient if I don’t get to move around.

Last year, I got more serious into blogging and learned about bloghopping, joined memes and all. Although my blog has been in existence since 2008, only last year was I able to learn more about the blog universe and I’m so thankful for everyone and everything that I learned along the way. Last year was also my first time to join Fun Runs. I was able to join two and those were totally new, invigorating and very healthy experience for me. I plan to continue doing runs this year.

Another first for me last year was learn how to drive. I could say it was more of a challenge for me thinking that maybe someone else can drive for me (wishful thinking)? But I thought, better now or never. It took a while before I can truly appreciate this new skill especially with the horrendous traffic and road condition here in Manila but somehow I appreciate the thought that I now have a license and I can drive a manual car J

There are other minor firsts like refurbishing a coffee table, learning new recipes which I also shared here,etc. so this year I know there’s more in this world that I can learn and discover, like firedancing perhaps? J I’m so amazed at the hand and body coordination and artistry of fire dancers. They’re so graceful. I also want to try a new sport that's inexpensive and fun. My first love is bowling. I compete but I'm no Paeng Nepomuceno but bowling centers here in Manila are a little hard on the pocket especially if you try to do it once or twice a week so I'm not regularly bowling (and I miss it so much). I'm also looking for a new sport that I don't have to bring someone else so I can play. I remember Miriam Santiago sharing in a casual interview that the reason she got into swimming is that she can enjoy the sport without the need for a playing partner. 

How about you, what something new you want to learn or experience this year?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Drinks

Looking for a different subject for this week's WW, I photographed the drinks served at a wedding we attended last week at Blue Leaf in Fort Bonifacio. 

my vodka tonic
water and wine
Congrats and Best Wishes April and Arnie! Thank you for making us part of your special day :)
just wanted to share the photo of the lovely couple. the guy is our batch mate from grade school. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

December in Baguio Part II

Okay, it has been a while before this part 2. Sorry for that, got so busy with a major project and shoots.
Anyway, here are more photos of our Baguio trip.

Mines View Park
at Mines View Park
With the famous pink-haired horse. P10 per photo op whether you ride the horse or not.
For P10/pax, they will dress you up in Ifugao costume for a photo souvenir.
Sophie was all smiles while Sam was just busy with his stick 
he just wouldn't face the camera
stolen shot while he's looking my way
my bro-in-law in his ukay-ukay leather jacket. he was feeling the bad boy look :)
Sophie trying on a hat from one of the stalls in Mines View park.
and I finally tried the strawberry taho (soya). Tasty and  priced like our ordinary taho.
Tam-Awan Village

The highlight of my trip to Baguio, going up to Tam-awan village in Pinsao, Baguio City. Tam-awan means 'vantage point', apt name as one can see South China Sea on a clear day. Not for us, though, it was a foggy afternoon when we came. For a mere P50 per head entrance, you get to experience getting in the Ifugao and Kalinga houses, get really high with our very own arts and culture.

inside the Bugnay house which also serves as an art gallery for several local artists' works.
the painting of a man on a horse is done with coffee as medium
one of the painting in the gallery that interests me

You can also sit down for a sketch session with their available artists. I think it's P200 per head. Yup, were in a hurry so maybe next time. The thing is, we took the wrong and longer route to Tam-awan. Here's a tip if you plan to get to Tam-awan: from the City Hall, make sure you will pass by Naguillan Rd. If you miss Naguillan Rd and reach Ipil-ipil Rd. then you're going the long cut. Anyway, more interesting arts and artifacts inside the village: 

enchanting sun worshiper

fertility hut
male and female loo
Ifugao hut where you can actually lodge. Go to their website for more details

Right across Tam-awan Village is Arko ni Apo (Arc of the Lord) Gallery owned by sculptor, painter and educator Benhur Villanueva. Benhur was the artist who made Andres Bonifacio in Global City. 
We were rushing back to town  because it was getting dark and foggy so I just made a quick look around. I love their art pieces especially the religious ones, just couldn't afford them right now. Sorry, no picture taking inside the gallery. The gallery also houses Kape Diperensya. 

Wag wag in Baguio
I just had to experience ukay-ukay (or more commonly know as wag wag in Baguio) since everyone who's been there said it's an exhilarating experience. And yes, it is. Just make sure you go to the old building right behind the market. Don't go buying in ukay-ukay stuff along the main road, it's much more pricey. There's an old 4-storey building that holds all bargain stuff, there's just so much stuff that you can't finish shopping in one visit. I made two trips to this building before I can find what I'm looking for. Also, it's best you go with a companion, one important tip for any traveler in an unfamiliar place. 
me looking for that one perfect biker jacket. 
shoes, bags, clothes galore. you just have to be patient and careful when buying 
are you loving my new biker jacket?

I actually ended up buying 3 jackets, 1 cardigan, 1 denim skirt and a Christian Dior kikay kit. All for less than P1,000.00. For the clothes you bought, make sure you wash them well. Let them stay in a basin of water and a few drops of  Lysol Multi-purpose cleaner for a few hours, rinse and dry. Then have them washed like your regular laundry. 

That's our 2010 Baguio trip, exciting, fun and memorable. For any travel, it can be spontaneous or well-planned, your choice. For this one, with the kids in tow and because we wanted to experience Baguio in a more-than-meets-the-eye way, we made sure our itineraries are planned ahead of time. It's more stress-free and time and cost efficient that way. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Giant Bubbles

Sophie and Sam were invited to a birthday party in Plaza Ibarra, QC. One of the many activities during the party was the bubble show and this bubble pool where kids can experience being inside a giant bubble. Bubbles are always a hit with kids :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

December in Baguio

My husband's family made it their yearly tradition to go up to Baguio every December. For one thing, his brother who's now in London always requests for Baguio trip everytime he comes home in December. I guess he just can't take the hot weather and smog of Manila. And everytime, the Ayala Cottage is the place they stay  in which is walking distance away from Mines View. 
Last December 2010 was only my second time to go with them due to schedule conflicts. The first Baguio trip with the Garcia's, we had this souvenir photo in the cottage (taken in 2008). I was 6months pregnant then with Sam :)

This year, we attempted to have a family picture by the fireplace but it was not as successful. Maybe next year. But I got these photos of the kids. Sophie and Sam got to spend 4 days with their cousins and, boooy, you can't imagine the chaos when 5 kids come together in one house! :) 

Here, they found an empty cabinet as a nice hide-and-seek place...

We requested them to sit together for a photo op and these are what we got. Yep, the only girl (named Sophie) turns out to be the most makulit.

Day 2, we visited PMA after attending mass at Pacdal church. My husband was like a little kid in a playground when we got to the tanks. He is truly a war stories fanatic, can't count how many time he watched Band of Brothers and his collection of dvds ranges from the black and white to the most recent. He also loves Stephen Ambrose books. 
Him and nephew Miggy on top of the Landing Vehicle Tank or LVT (an amphibious) tank:

Of course, Sam had to try going up the tank too :)

Mama Karol (my MIL) and Tita Chit beside the Korean monument:

I tried to find an interesting POV for my photos and I found one, the top of  a 19th century Howitzer's gun barrel:

Will we ever forget a family picture? :0

After which, we went inside the PMA museum. For a mere P10 entrance per head, you can already get in. Look what we found? Stephen's grandad's class picture of 1943. My husband said, of the many years they went to Baguio, this was the first time they've been to the museum and seen his lolo's class picture. Nostalgic :) 

Other interesting things to see in PMA grounds :

Cadets practicing a routine
aircrafts on display 
 We still had time to visit the pet cemetery in Camp John Hay before we head back for dinner.

read this, very enlightening.
This is a creepy place but makes you think, 'better not mess up with my life so I won't end up having a tombstone like these.'
interesting message for us

 More of the Baguio trip next time :)
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