Friday, April 29, 2011

Liliw Laguna's Pride

This is a continuation of my Caliraya post. After Caliraya, we passed by John the Baptist Church to say some prayers. This church is also called Liliw Catholic Church. 

Really imposing and awesome structure especially at first glance. The houses nearby are as nostalgic as the church
Surrounding the church are vendors of all sorts of pasalubong and Laguna specialties. One specialty is the kesong puti (white cheese).We were informed by the locals to choose those that came from Sta. Cruz so we looked for that kind. In fairness, it has a creamy, tasty goodness. Reminds you of cream cheese but with a bit more salty goodness. Laguna white cheese is made of unskimmed carabao milk and the cheese are wrapped in banana leaves. You have to put the cheese in a container with ice if you plan to bring home kesong puti from Laguna to Manila to make sure it stays fresh. Good thing, sari-sari stores sell ice, as usual.

kesong puti, 3 for P200. The smaller version is sold for 3 for P100.

the cheese after unfolding of layers of banana leaves.  This size is about  60 cm. in diameter for the 3 for P200 version.

Another Liliw pride are the espadrilles. The stretches of streets near the church sell all kinds of espadrilles.
Range of cost per pair is from P230 - P350. Still cheap compared to those sold here in Manila or online. 

giant tsinelas (slipper). it's even bigger than the man in white

Here are what I took home from my shoe shopping:

brown flats, really comfy and soft

red wedge, somewhat comfy but not recommended for long walks. super pretty anyway :)

Mommy Moments - Black and White

Black and White Photography is my share for this week's Mommy Moments:

mommy moments

Sam at six months old
Sophie and Lolo Tito
Husband and I on the beach
More mommy shares in

GT: Techie Talk

Techie Talk : My Christmas Wishlist
For this week's Girl Talk, I'm reposting my wishlist last Christmas (click on the link above please). Uhmm, I think I can do without th MiFi but the Smart Pen and Ipad, I soooo want to have.

Another gadget I'm saving on right now is a DLSR cam. I would love to have Canon 5D Mark II , so I can shoot video in HD format and quality, with depth of field of a DSLR. It's what indie directors use now to shoot films since it's also compatible with a MAC OS. It has 21.1 megapixel to boot for your still photos and ISO range from 100-6400. Super cool! ...and expensive. Be ready to prepare a six-digit moolah for a basic kit.

Reality check kicks in and now I'm eyeing the digital counterpart of my Canon Rebel, a T3i. Features include 18 mp CMOS sensor, HD recording, and compatible with Windows-7. What's so nice about this is that it's just around $899. Pricey but not as much as the 5D.

I wish we can all have our gadget wishes soon! :) Happy GT!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Caliraya With the Superfriends

Superfriends, that what we call our unit. Holy Week break being the only days that we actually close shop, we grabbed the opportunity to bond as a unit and spend an overnight stay at Caliraya Resort Club,Inc. in Lumban, Laguna. I think the guys deserve the much-needed break. 
I have been in Caliraya before but with husband and Sophie but this time it's a trip with the officemates. It had improved so much since I last came in 2008. There are so many additional amenities, there is even a new building in finishing stage. The lake resort is 110 kms. from Manila, approximately 3 hrs. away. 

Here are some photos taken during the trip:
Inside our nice room. The cottage may accommodate 13-15 pax. They have smaller cottages which can accommodate
10-12 pax. The only downside, the drainage of the showers.

Resort rate depends on the size of the group. We got our package for 1,500/head inclusive of the ff:

·             Entrance fee inclusive of boat ride (approximately 2-3 minutes)
·             Jeepney transfer inside the resort
·             Full board buffet meals (Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast (Eat All you Can)
·             Free flowing coffee & tea during meal time
·             Free use of the swimming pool.
 Teambuilding Exercise (Slip and Slide, Earth ball game, Obstacle Course, Slide Pinoy Monster Basketball, Water Basketball, & Hanging Bridge.)  Subject to availability.
Duplex 7 for GMA-7. Ahhh, how sweet :)
phot opt while someone is being wooshed on the bunjee jump
Ana and I before before being geared up for the Zip Line ride
yours truly before the inevitable. This is scary only if you're a first timer. It's not as scary  when you're in flight
This is officially my fave activity in Caliraya: Zip Line!
the whole gang on the hanging bridge. below that is the fishing area

Charades and Pinoy Henyo are serious matters

Pinoy Slide is fun but you have to really hold on tight! 

buffet breakfast the morning after

the horses are oblivious of people coming and going. they're obviously accustomed to being  around people.
this is scarier that it looks. One of our most memorable ride ever, The Mud Slide!
view of the lakeside from our cottage window
the horses are resting. the sun is high
canoe ride: P250 per hour
this is officially our scariest activity so far. The canoe was so unstable because of the wind.
at the end of the hanging bridge
a friend tried to spin while on harness. Cool! I did not try this one as I had leg cramps I think from the cool weather and too much activity :) Bungee, P80 per 3-minute use
Zorb ball
A visit to the prayer room before we headed back home

Bye Caliraya! I'll be back :)

(some photos c/o superfriends)


Last night was such a rare moment for us here at work. The Popemobile was parked inside our complex for a feature story during newscast and employees were given the chance to take some pictures. This is the exact mobile our beloved Pope John Paul II used during the 1995 World Youth Day. I remember seeing the Pope during that event as he passed by Quirino Ave. and the close but quick encounter brought chills and unexplainable feeling of lightness. It's like you really want to kneel before him. That's how holy his presence was. 

I am personally thankful that his beatification will happen soon on May 1. I will never miss this event (on TV that is) :)

the plate says: "JOHNP Young people and the Pope Together"

(thanks Ronald for the photos)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sophie The Ate

    What is amusing nowadays is how Sophie and Sam have really bonded as siblings. Everyday especially in the mornings, Sophie would ask Sam: ‘Sam, love mo ba ako? (Sam, do you love me?) and Sam would immediately reply: ‘Opo’ (yes). Sophie will then, ask Sam to kiss or hug her which Sam will oblige to. This is always a wonderful scene to witness especially for parents.
   Whenever we bring just Sophie to the grocery, she would sometimes explain to Sam that she will just be gone for a while and will be back soon. When we are in the grocery, she will eventually ask to go home because she misses Sam. ‘Mommy, baka hinahanap na ko ni Sam’ (Mommy, Sam might be looking for me). She is such an Ate now. She defends her brother from bigger boys and even adults who (she thinks) bullies or picks on her brother. Knowing that your kids adore and love each other brings about a nice feeling. At some point you feel that you did something right as a parent. As working parents, there is also a feeling of assurance that the people you hired to watch over your kids are doing well as guardians.
   Of course, kids will always be kids and there are times when they want the same toy at the same time. This is something that we,as parents, should handle in a fair and calm way. The solution: if nobody wants to concede then nobody gets the toy. Unless they learn to compromise and agree on sharing, nobody enjoys the toy. It always works, realizing that it’s a lose lose situation for them, one of them (either the ate or the little boy) will give way eventually.
   I wish and pray that they continue the same bond even when they become adults. It is always reassuring to know that they will watch each other's back.

Watery Wednesday: blue water

My Watery Wednesday's entry: a blue and clear water served at a friend's wedding. The theme is casual in black and blue, thus, the flavored water. I remembering dancing for hours in this fun wedding :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

GT - Clothesaholic

I've been MIA (missing in action) in GT for several weeks so I wish to make up for it. 
For this week's topic Clothesaholic, I am sharing one thing that I have been searching for months: a slimming one-piece swimsuit. I recently found one in For Me in Trinoma that has ruched waistline and never realized until I tried it on that this style really hides your belly and creates a waistline (which has been found missing since I gave birth). 

I'm (or used to be) a beach addict and  have several swim wear in my closet but their all two piece and kinda aged already. I haven't bought a new pair for years now. Ah yes, I remember those days when I used to be one of those daring single ladies who never wore one piece to the beach. But after pregnancy, I could never wear two piece without a cover huhu. Uh huh, that's me below eons ago in my fave green triangle pair:)
That's why I always tell my staff who are much younger to wear two piece while their young and slim and take lots of picture! There will come a time when they will never be able to do it (out of decency).

Mommy Moments - Rainbow Colors

mommy moments

 Oh yeah, it's Mommy Moments time. The Holy Week break made me forget MM, well almost.

The theme is rainbow colors and I am sharing a couple of photos:

This is a picture of Sam's giveaways on his Christening. They are very colorful mechanical robots. I just printed the tags to personalize it. (photo courtesy of Siops)

This is a rainbow salad which my husband always requests especially on weekends. It consists of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, mangoes, grapes and kiwi. Perfect with any dressing. I make my own dressing, though, a chicken or tuna mayo dressing.

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