Friday, November 25, 2011

BC Bloggers

First off, I would like to thank Paula of for inviting me to BC Bloggers. 


People, if you aren't part of this cool group of bloggers, don't get left behind and join :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

GT - Look Your Best

It's GT day! Today, the girls are sharing their fave outfit. That ultimate wardrobe that makes us feel special, pretty and comfy and for me it's gotta be this cowl purple dress. There's something about cowls that I love. I guess it brings back memories of those dresses that my mom made for me when I was a kid. I used to don dresses with cowl necks and open backs. One dress even had butterfly sleeves.
Growing up, I find this style very classic and I have several versions of this cut in my current wardrobe. This particular dress I wore to garden weddings, at work, to church and even during pregnancy. 

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My New Project: Entry # 4

Last night was session 2 of my belly dancing workout. Gladly, I was more confident with the moves and was able to somehow isolate the body parts that only needs to twirl, bump or shake. Again, I felt my abs stiffen for like three times during the session. Belly dancing is still on the level of HARD for me especially, I think, because it's a fitness/dance class. Nice experience, though. I felt totally worked out and love the last part when we get to do a choreograph for one song :)

For those who wants to try the class, visit ACTS Dance Academy website: to know about the classes they offer.
This academy has one small studio in GA Tower1 in Mandaluyong City. They offer curriculum-based dance classes so I guess that qualifies them to be an academy. What I like about this place is that it's just one MRT ride away from work (near Boni station) so I can be there in 20 minutes, just in time to do the shimmy shimmy. Don't have to drive myself to traffic. What I wish would improve is the restroom, it's okay but could be better. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Birthday Celebration at Zoobic Safari

November is really a birthday month for us. My mom, sister, brother, a few cousins and a lot of friends celebrate their birthday on this month. These people are who we call the Valentine babies because their parents got a little too much lovin' in February so after nine months, we got so many birthday celebrations! haha :)

It's my sister's time for her special day and she opted to spend it with us on a trip to Zoobic Safari. She bought her vouchers from Metrodeal several months ago, I told you, these discount vouchers are addicting. My sister got entrance tickets to the zoo for only half the price. The vouchers does not include the train ride,though, so we paid P50 per head before we got on the train. It was our second time to visit Zoobic but the kids were as excited as the first time. Here are some photos of our trip:
Sam can't get enough of the sheep
my nephew Keene feeding the birds
with the kids on a tram ride
watching the animal show from the top
After the zoo trip, it was time for lunch and we're off to Meat Plus. This place sits right across Freeport Exchange Shopping complex. It's a place that has a fast food setup but serves mouth watering steak. 

Sophie got her burger and fries, and my gravy  too
I found the burger a little dry but it was so packed and heavy that a person with an average appetite will have a hard time finishing one.
my sister and I got pork steak which I still dream about until now. 
Stephen and my nephew got their roast beef P320@.

The pork and beef are really delish, makes you want for more. The meat peels off from the bone so easily. Extra rice anyone? 
potato skin, salty goodness in every bite!
extra mashed potato

I can't remember how much each dish costs but our total bill was around P1,300. Not but because we ordered six main dishes and 2 sides. We decided to skip dessert as we were so full already.
After that late lunch, we did a little shopping at Freeport, Royal Subic and Duty Free.

It was an exhilarating day spent with my sister and her son. These two people hold a special place in our hearts. My kids call my sister Mama Joy and they love her to the hilt! As for me, she will always be my BFF :)
Happy birthday Sis! May you find more happiness in life. We love you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mama's 68th Birthday

My mom turned batang batang 68 years old last November 5. Two of her sisters flew in from Bacolod that week to process some papers and we found it the perfect opportunit to hold a small celebration for Mama's birthday. It's a very rare occasion now for our family to have a reunion since mostly are living abroad or in our hometown in Negros Occidental.

On a rainy Saturday, my family and relatives trooped to our house for a celebration of sorts. It was such a simple celebration but I'm glad to see my aunts and uncle together again after a while. That was also the first time for my kids to see their other lolo and lolas :0

Here are some details of the party:

Lemon cupcakes with frosting I made for the party, sitting on pink and yellow paper doilies from Gourdos
cute paper napkins I bought at Landmark. I wanted her to have a kikay party :)
The Cake, my mom's fave is the mango cake.
I think she had more than her doctor allows. On her 3rd slice I was already reminding her, "Ma, ang sugar level mo..." :)
The food

I made Puttanesca with garlic bread, sweet and saucy chicken and salad while my folks brought Crispy Pata, Pancit  Pata (di ba puro pata) and that yummy halabos na sugpo. So now you know why I only lost 1 pound the past weeks?

The sisters enjoying the outdoors while it's still sunny
When it rained, all they did was talk non stop indoors.
Mama with my dad, aunts and uncle

Happy birthday Mama! May you always blessed with good health and happiness.
Thank you for everything.We love you! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

GT: Style Icon

I love today's topic on GT because we're talking about Style Icons.
I have to say I have two style icons, Princess Diana and Sarah Jessica Parker. Princess D(+) is hands down the epitome of classic and classy style icon. She's such a beauty inside and out, with a style that's timeless. She can wear even the simplest wardrobe and still look royalty.
Princess Diana
SJP, on the other hand, is a class all her own. I love her for her fierce fashion sense, from hair to the shoes. She's never afraid to experiment, wear something anybody else wouldn't and carry it with flair and I totally envy her shoe collection! Her svelte body I guess makes it easy for her to dress in just about anything :)


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My New Project Entry # 3

With the goal of improving my figure (believe me, it needs a lot of improvement) and at the same time be able dance again, I recently bought vouchers for a belly dancing class through Ensogo. I say, these discount vouchers are quite addicting. I got my facials and contact lens packs from these sites. We recently trooped to Zoobic Safari using my sister's Metrodeal vouchers. Frugal much? hehe.

Back to the topic (sorry, I got sidetracked). OMG! I never realized how difficult belly dancing was until last night! I think at one point during the class nanigas ang tiyan ko sa kakagiling. I felt my dancing skill was put to a test doing all those shimmy shimmy and figure of 8 hip twist. I used to be one of those 'dancers' in school up until college, being a part of the cheering squad or one of the production dancers. I love to dance but after last night, I started to question if I really know how to dance. Now I can say na hindi ka dancer kung hindi mo pa na-try mag-belly dancing (or siguro kinalawang na ko sa sobrang tagal na walang sayaw). Subukan ng galing sa paggiling ng tiyan at leeg ang belly dancing! That reminds me, I have to work on the neck movement, I totally suck at it. 

This morning I weighed myself and I'm 1 lb. less from my last weigh in. 1 lb in one month is not good but I'm not complaining given the 3 consecutive weekends of food trip and parties. I'll work more next time.

Definitely the holidays will be a challenge for all dieters out there with the sumptuous feasts and lovely treats of the season. Good luck to me!

Food Share: Saint Honorè Clubhouse

 Tucked in the quiet corner of Samar and Sct. Torillo streets is a charming cafe that serves heavenly breads and pastries. It's called Saint Honorè Clubhouse.

This is merely walking distance from my work so when I'm craving for an almond croissant, this is my place.

The al fresco area is so apt with the quiet community. You get to have a view of the Eiffel tower pa oh? hehe

I fell in love with this beauty at first meet, an almond croissant baked fresh (P75)

my Vittoria latte, an Australian blend (P60)

and some complimentary treats from the very hospitable and pretty owner, a napoleon and a sour bread with butter. Yum! 
I particularly love the napoleon, it's light yet very unforgettable. 

A service bell (er, buzzer) if you're dining al fresco

They also serve pastas and other dishes. I have yet to try their Carbonara and their dish selection with Truffle oil which are their best sellers. I've tried their Ziti for lunch and it's just total comfort food after jumping from one meeting to the other. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Progressive School : Dentist Visit

Sophie joined her school in their dentist visit last month. I'm a proud mom when my daughter showed me her dental record : Zero cavities! Yay! 

Honestly, it's a challenge to keep kids her age from sweets especially chocolates and candies so this report makes me super happy especially since she's turning 5 in a couple of months. Before I thought keeping tab on the date of their tooth eruption when they were babies was more difficult.
Loving chocolates and candies is part of childhood. I let my kids have them once in a while because I don't want to deprive them of those happy treats. We love baking cookies, cakes and other desserts so we are a sweet tooth family.
One thing important to keep their teeth healthy is to teach kids to take care of their pearlies and to love brushing them 3-4 times a day. My little boy enjoys brushing his teeth, too (with matching Barney song). He knows it's always part of the sponge bath routine and reminds his yaya about this.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

GT: Old School

For this week's GT, it's all about Old School. Here's what I can share, a photo of my sister and I taken after Sunday church. Check out my white and red boots! Just like Santa's little helper. LOL! My Mom loved dressing my sister and I in matching outfits and I remember we have a collection of kikay clothes :)
Good thing I have this in my computer so I can share with you. Brought this photo in the office for our show your toddler photo month :)

More cute GT photos here: 

It's The Season for Coats!

Can you feel that Christmas chill at night? Yep, may simoy Pasko na!
Aren't y'all excited?! It's the time for giving and receiving gifts, lotsa love and holidays cheers!
Most of all, it's the time to bring out those frocks and holidays outfits that we're kept for a while. Asan na ba ang fur coat ko? Lol.
No coat yet? Well, you still have time to hop to Cartimar Shopping Plaza in Pasay City and look for the only store the offers made-to-order winter clothes and jackets. Price varies, depends on the materials, design and length of the coat. I have a bunch of OFW relatives and this is the place to be for them before they head off abroad. 

are you lovin' those furry trench coats?
they also have scarves of all shapes and sizes
I'm feeling these designs, the layered front jackey. I see it in many Korean shows, It gives the classic trench a  'now' look. Wonder how much for a costumized one?

Jane Trench Coat

Chiffon Layered Flare Collar Jacket(3 Colors)

Since we're on the topic of coats, see this mini model? She donned her new outfit straight from the Balikbayan box, excited much. Notice the ill fitting boots? They're really for her brother. 
While Ate posed with her signature pout, the little boy goofed around. Lol. Thanks Tito Ian and Tita Marcy for the gifts :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Celebration 2011

I never realized how much production work goes into a Halloween celebration until last year when my kids got invited to Halloween parties. Looks like there's no going back to that old 'simpleng-sindi-ng-kandila-at luto-ng-biko' (light a candle for the dead and make sticky rice) way of celebrating trick or treat now that I have toddlers... but nobody's complaining, nah-ah, not me. I love doing all those works for my kids!

To start off, Sophie joined her school's Halloween party last Friday dressed as a flapper girl (she had to repeat several times what she was during the presentation of costumes because she's the only flapper girl in school). Although the parent judges voted a student dressed as a pink fairy for the best costume, Sophie won the Teacher's Choice/Ms. Halloween 2011 award! Yipee! All those hard work hand sewing yards of tassel paid off after all :)
with her classmates, aren't they cute?
giving that serious look again
presenting the Mr. and Ms. Halloween 2011
I took a half day off from work to bring my little girl to school and I'm glad I did because I wouldn't miss this for the world. Got to be a parent judge, too, for the nursery class. After the program we drove the kids to their classmates' house for trick or treating. Even Sam was able to tag along and he had such fun collecting all those candies!
That was such a tiring day but anything for my little ones. Got back to work after the event. The life of a working mom...

Come weekend, we celebrated Halloween in our subdivision and you know what that means... more candies! Waah! I ended up secretly giving away some of their candies. There are just too much to make a parent panic!
It was fun and tiring Halloween celebration, good thing it was a long weekend for us working moms so I had time to rest (somehow).

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