Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i just realized that i havent read a single book for sometime now, i remember the last book i read was Neil Gaiman's Stardust and it was last year pa. then i was able to finish it after a couple of weeks i think because i only get to read a few pages only after sophie sleeps.

as a teenager i got really hooked on pocketbooks. during summers i could finish 3 mills and boon novel in a day. way back in highschool (parang a long time ago na ah...) i got hooked naman on sweet valley high and harlequin romance. i remember finishing 3 books of LOTR in less than a week, that was a good mark already considering others find LOTR really hard to digest if you read fast. but mind you, i never bought a single book, never really had a budget for that back then. all books were borrowed from classmates or cousins. you will never imagine how far 1 book can reach and how many people get to read 1 book from pasa-pasa system lang.

but now, because of so much stuff at work and home i never get to find time or strength to read a novel. i have some pending Coelho books to read but i feel like my brain could no longer absorb and process the details from the book. at home it's such a rare occasion to have the time to just sit back in a corner and read. i guess that's why i started to enjoy blogging. instead of thoughts getting in and just get all rumbled inside at least i can exhaust my brain once in a while. Blogging is really an effective outlet, its a refresher from the corporate doucments that you need to compose and email at work. it's also a way to express yourself and minding your own business.

i think im gonna keep on blogging for a while...

background change

Ive changed my background template again. Soon I will settle with my final template. For now, please bear with me... :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

cry daddy

i never realized that my husband was such a cry baby until sophie came. i just noticed this when i started to share milestones sophie made. like when i told him one day that sophie can already pick her food, he got really emotional. another time i told him that sophie actually ran to her potty to wee, he hugged sophie because he was proud and yet sad because her daughter is all grown up (imagine a girl barely 2 years old all grown up?). a few months ago Sophie was telling us she already wants to go to school and you know what's her daddy's reaction?... he hugged sophie and told her not to leave him yet. OA talaga pero it's amusing how daddys can be so attached to their unica hijas. i have one friend who shares the same experiences and we would laugh so hard everytime we share their teary-eyed moments :)

daddy and sophie on sophie's 1st birthday

the latest tearjerker moment was when sophie became little bride for a cousin-in-law's wedding. during the reception there was an onsite video of the wedding prep and ceremony and there were clips of sophie. when we saw the clip, my husband and i looked at each other with that 'awww' look on our faces... i saw my husband's eyes glistening and moist with tears and i just smiled because my eyes were blurring with tears na rin...we looked at sophie and i know we have the same thoughts in our mind - 'please dont grow up yet, please still be our baby'...
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