Friday, July 29, 2011

A Cookbook Giveaway

I rarely join blog contests for reason that I can't finish all requirements because I'm always busy. Huhu :(
But it's just so hard to pass up this one because the prize is something I love, cookbook! Yes, I'm an avid collector of cookbooks and I hope to win this limited edition cookbook.
If you like to join too, hop on to Purple Plum Fairy for the mechanics. Good luck to us all! :)

Mommy Moments - Family Trips

Mom and Dad being lakwatseros by nature, we make it a point to regularly travel even after marriage. We bring the kids (if possible) to different places we as we want them appreciate our motherland and see and experience the beauty of nature firsthand. Here are a few of our trips. When they're old enough to appreciate travel by plane, we want to bring them to the Visayas and Mindanao regions :)

mommy moments

This is Sophie's first out of town trip- to Caliraya, Quezon

This is Sam's first trip to Baguio. 

 Experienced being Igorot for a few minutes, wearing their hand-woven outfits and carrying their spears 

Standing by an Aeta statue in Zoobic Safari

Enjoying the beauty of Tanay, Rizal 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's For Dinner, Hon?

If you're married for years and this is a daily question, it just becomes really taxing. For a working mom like me, reporting to work 5 times a week, dinner can be something that is totally up to my handy dandy helpers. However, I cannot always guarantee that we get a healthy meal on the table and that kids eat the right amount of nutrients they need.
So how can a working mom ensure that her family gets the healthiest meals possible and still concentrate during a meeting or a presentation? The answer: PLAN AHEAD. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Make a MENU for the WEEK list. For me, I make a list either Monday to Friday or until Saturday. Basically make a list of what's for dinner for 5-6 days. Yes, it loses that spontaneity when it comes to dinner but at least that's one less thing on my mind. For breakfast and lunch, it's usually free style. I'm blessed to have helper that is a good cook and is also conscious of eating healthy so I let her decide what to cook for breakfast provided the ingredients that I bought (still in control, eh? you betcha.)

2. Make the Wet Market List based on the menu for the week. This doesn't only organize our weekly meal, it also helps me control the food budget weekly. Yes, you also have to compute how many carrots, onions, potatoes, pieces of ginger or leeks you need based on the menu.
Before Sophie started going to school, it's just dinner meals that I plan ahead but now that she needs regular baon to school, I now include this in our weekly grocery list. I have to make sure that she eats healthy too in school. Konting bitbit bangko moment here: Sophie's teacher commended her baon during a Parent-Teacher conference saying it's really healthy and mukhang pinag-isipan. Yay! :)

Going back to grocery list, if you prefer going to the wet market for your daily fresh meat and seafood supply, the list has to be ready as early as 6am so that helper (or you) can go to the wet market in the morning. Why wet market? Aside from produce being fresh and cheaper, you can make tawad, of course! hehe. Honestly, when I have to buy meat or chicken from the grocery I have to smell it first before I buy. It's not always fresh in the grocery, I had to learn that the hard way so even if the meat attendants give me that weird look, I'd still smell each piece of chicken fillet before I put it in my plastic.

3. Make a Grocery List - of the things that you can't buy from the wet market or things that are safer naman if you buy from the grocery like the bread, sugar, cheese,etc. This is where I also buy our breakfast and lunch ingredients, fish and other fillets which are not available in wet market.

Some tips for healthy baon, try to make it homemade if you can. There are so many recipes online that you can download. For instance, Sophie loves chicken and fish nuggets so instead of buying the commercial nuggets, I make our own using recipes online. It's so easy and no preservatives. Speaking of preservatives, please don't use powdered flavoring to speed up or aid cooking, it's just not fair to your family. A simple salt, pepper, sugar will do the trick. Go for natural ingredients.
There are moments when you are just out of idea what to put down in your MENU list. Imagine doing that every single week for years? I suggest you also get the family's suggestion. I even ask the helper, what do you feel like eating? hehe :) I love to collect cookbooks so I also get ideas from those but the internet is such a valuable tool for moms.

Have a happy healthy dinner everyone!

GT - Best Birthday Ever

I don’t know but by some weird reason, I’m always broke on my birthday. Yeah, even until now. When I was still single, though, I managed to get my friends drunk even without the moola. I think I have my parents and kuya cousins to thank for that :0

 Now, I’ll have to say my best birthday was this year (and I’ll probably say that again next year and in the years to come). I believe that we are as good as our last birthday. Think that makes sense? Well for me, it does. As long as I celebrated my birthday with a healthy mind and body, with my family and friends, that’s already a blessing for me J

By the way, here are some photos I forgot to post on my birthday :)
A giant birthday card from officemates. 
Even our SVP and VP signed the card. How sweet :)
I decided to deck my house with pink balloons on my birthday for kikay effect :0
cake from Icings, a gift from office friends :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Look and the Kiss

In the car last Sunday, Stephen and I were talking about kids.
Just a backgrounder, (please bear with me, this is important) officemate shared the story of his daughter’s 'alleged' crush on her playmate. The dad told us of his little girl's blushing moments every time the boy’s name comes up. I was so amused by this story that I was sharing it to husband in the car and eventually ended up retelling Sophie’s own adventure with boys from school.
Anyway, I got so much into the chit chat that I forgot the little girl in the backseat. As suspected, she has stopped playing and was listening intently to our conversation. I turned to her and there she was with her very conspicuous look. The look that tells you ‘Okay, I’m pretending not to be listening but I hear everything you say so stop talking about me.’
Yes, she has that look and you can tell it when the head just becomes stiff (the head will stop moving the moment she hears her name), only the eyeballs are moving towards the direction of the storyteller (that’s me). If only her eyeballs can turn 360degrees, it would. 
I always forget that she is very keen when the topic is her. Sometimes I know she likes it, sometimes she gets embarrassed.

Anyway, on the topic of crushes, I can't believe kids as young as 3-4 years already know all about crushes? Kalurkey! Sophie's schoolmate kissed her on the cheek while in class! Here's the story:

S:    Mommy, si Adrian ki-niss ako
Me: Huh? Saan?
S:    Sa cheeks. Si Adrian talaga oh! (plus sheepish smile)
Me (in my mind): What the!? 
      (out loud):     anong sabi ng teacher? Di ba bad yung kiniss ka nya?
S:    Oo nga, kinausap naman siya ni Teacher eh.
Me: Okay. Tell Adrian don't kiss you. Daddy will get mad.
S:    Mommy, don't tell daddy okay? 
Me: (in my mind): What the &*^% !
       (out loud): Uhmm, Why? 
S:    Kasi magagalit siya eh. 
Me: Eh, it's not nice kasi. I eventually told the dad. 

At some point when I heard the story, I panicked but try not to show it to the little girl. I'd like to believe that it's just a part of them becoming curious and knowing that a boy is different from a girl. It's this part when they already have an understanding of the concept of pretty and cute and finding them nice. I tried not to make too much fuss of it since they're just kids and was already given a good piece of advice. As for the dad, well don't get me started on the dad's reaction. Sophie is daddy's little girl. Need I say more? :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gupo - Discount Vouchers - Great Savings Deals Metro Manila 20-Get 50% off on BB Cream --- “The Miracle Cream”

Good news to all you BB Cream fanatics out there! and Skin Metro is offering 50% off on Missha BB Creams. Yipee! You can choose between shade #21 and #23.

Gupo - Discount Vouchers - Great Savings Deals Metro Manila 20-Get 50% off on BB Cream --- “The Miracle Cream”

Gupo Deal Photo

As for me, I'm still happy with my Etude House BB Cream but also have my eye on this BB Cream as option.

Since were on the topic of BB Creams, you have to check out hosted by the very pretty Jen. She and friend Hannah gave reviews on the BB Creams in the market today. If you're not yet sure which brand is for you, their review is so helpful. 
Happy Monday everyone!

To start the week with a smile, I am sharing with you a new find with a cute touch from our very own Ate Shawie, hehe.
Yup, my fave Maya brings you Celebrations by Sharon (Cuneta, that is, the Megastar).

There's even a recipe at the back of the box.

I was supposed to bake this over the weekend so I can share with you the result but I found out I'm out of paper cups. Anyway, Maya never fails me so I'm sure this will still be great!

Another product that Maya has is the Think Heart, a whole wheat variant of the pancake mix. It taste just like  their Fluffy pancake but in a healthier version. Doesn't that make you smile? :)

Oh, and Happy Parent's Day to all the moms and dads out there! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lunch Notes for the Little Ones

Here is one way to personalize your kids lunch box. Include a note for them with their fave character. 
Sophie loves Ariel and the Disney Princesses. There are times when I don't personally prepare her meal since I have to be off to work. It's a nice idea to send a message or thought for her so she will think of mommy when she opens her baon. 

Of course, there are also printables for the boys!
Check out this site for other templates with Disney theme :)
with this disclaimer:
Site Copyright © 2005 - 2011 Disney Stationary All Rights Reserved
Webmaster: Kristeen Timothy
NOTE:  This site is for entertainment and Educational purposes only.
I am in no way connected to the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates.
All character images are © The Walt Disney Company

Mommy Moments - Stores We Love

mommy moments

We don't frequent the mall with the kids since I know that the mall carries so many viruses with the number of people going there. So the kids always cherish the few moments we spend in the mall, hehe. 

If we go to the mall, we always head out to the departments stores, the kids section is the first on the list. The kikay mommy in me will always have a shirt or accessory to buy for my kids. 
Husband loves to collect toys too so he's also a suki of kids' toy section. Always for the three kids (including the Dad), it should be just within the budget of P90-P100 (okay, so Dad can spend P50 more) or no toy for them. It's has been the mantra since it was just Sophie and until today that we bring both kids to the mall. 

We also always pass by the National Bookstore to replenish kids art supplies. My husband and I love books so we always check the bookstore for new reads.

Another place we (er, I) love to visit is the salon. Foot spa is my immediate relief for stress at work and at home. On weekends, I try to visit the salon for a spa or pedicure and since that's also a day with the kids I bring them as well.

More mommy moments here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Family's Secret Weapon

Husband calls this langis na pampabuhay (oil that resurrects). 
If he has a headache, I rub his head with this oil and he feels better. Body pain, stomach pain, sore throat, colds, cough, abdominal pain and even tooth ache. This is the family's first line of defense. 
Krystal Herbal Oil is actually an influence of my mom. She is an active El Shaddai member and the owner of this brand Dr. Fely Guy Ong sells and promotes this product on the fellowship's radio program (DWXI) and main office in Amorsolo, Makati City. My family has been using this oil and the other products of this brand for decades now. 

What I love about this product is that it's 100% natural. It's main ingredients are banaba, mango, alagaw, guava. Anything natural, I'm all for it. The scent reminds me always of Splash hairspray.

The trick here is to know how and when to massage this on your body so you get the best possible result. Since my mom is an avid (and effective) advocate of herbal products and natural medicine, she also guides me on how to use this oil (along with prayers and faith) to a sick family member. 

I bought this one just last weekend in Cartimar branch. P350 for 30ml bottle. My last bottle just emptied out and I can't live without this at home so I immediately bought one.

What's your family's secret weapon? 

GT - Birthday Wish

It's GT day! Today topic is birthday wishes and... I think I reached a dead spot here.
Can't think of any wish I made for myself on my birthday(s). It's usually for the kids and for my family- that they remain safe, healthy and happy.
Well, I guess it's time to make my very late birthday wish given this opportunity. A very nice convection or a conventional oven with burners would be a nice gift. I can finally try out those medium to difficult recipes. I also wish for a DSLR camera so I can take lovely pictures especially when our plan for a major road trip transpires.
There, I have more in mind but it can wait until my next birthday, hehe. I never realized how many wishes I have until now :) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Squid and Anchovy for Snack?

Why not? 

We have the spicy squid wrapped in clear plastics the size of my middle finger sold in groceries, wet market and sari-sari stores for P10-15 (last I remember). Di ba nakakatakam yung dilis at squid na yun kahit na hindi ko mapagtanto bakit mapula and coating.
The Seakid's version is the upscale version of that. They come in doypacks and really crispy. I'm particularly addicted to the Teriyaki style squid and anchovy. It's just super sarap, I can finish two packs in one sitting. 
I actually used to hide this pack from my yayas because they are also fond of dilis but now I'm a good girl and share this with them. Even Sam loves this (told you, my kids are not picky eaters) 

Each pack costs about P50-60 (although it was way cheaper a few months ago) and available in any grocery store. They also have the spicy variants.

Watery Wednesday: Island Destination

Choose your abode

 Island hop, anyone?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Love to Read... Medicine Info Leaflets

Are you one of those moms who read that leaflet included inside a box of medicine? I do.

Although I don't understand probably half of it, I still read it from start to finish and see if there are any contraindications that I should be aware of and the doctor forgot to mention.
My husband always tells me not to play doctor but I guess I'm just stubborn. Actually, personally I'm the kind na kung kaya pa ang pain, I don't take any meds. I have high tolerance for pain so if I have headache or allergic rhinitis attack, I will sleep it through if possible. Tiis ganda just so I don't have to take those chemicals called meds. I believe anything not natural has a side effect. Praning much?
Of course, I don't deduct the fact that we still need medicine especially for ailments that really requires it. Like just last week, Sophie had kuliti (sty) and she looked like she had a fight with Pacquiao. Her left eye was really swollen (but still refuse to be absent from school, baka hanapin daw siya ng teacher niya). We brought her to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic drops for the eye. The sty was caused by bacteria that entered the eye (my number one suspect are the colored chalks she just can't get enough of).
Before I actually administered the meds on my girl, I read the leaflet just to make sure it's generally safe for kids. Thank goodness no side effect that's worrisome.

It's her 6th day today with the antibiotics and tomorrow we are scheduled for a follow up check up.

The little girl has learned her lesson well. No more scratching the eyes, nose or ears when hands are dirty. And yes, even a cute pink-colored chalk is dirty.
Good thing the little girl is very independent and responsible. I never realized how much she paid attention while I cleaned her eyes the first time until the yaya reported the the following day, Sophie cleaned her eyes herself while mommy is at work.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Insurance Policy Renewal

Last month I received several email reminders from the bank for renewal of our policies for our home and car. This is our second year to receive notices and although all payments are due September this year pa, husband and I are already preparing the finances as early as last month so that it will not be stressful come deadline.
That's just me, I hate stress I hate rushing through deadlines. I don't like to 'beat the deadline' because it's just really a waste of energy and brain cells. Why rush when you have the power to accomplish things early, di ba?

Anyway, since our house is under mortgage, we have to renew the following:
Fire and Lightning Insurance - that's self explanatory
Mortgage Redemption Insurance - for the benefit of those who heard this the first time, this insurance mainly covers the remaining balance of the loan in case the mortgagor dies (God forbids).

By next month, we are also renewing the car insurance. Some tip for those with car insurance, you can request for installment options from your insurance company when you think one time payment weighs too much. Ours offers this, installment for 3 consecutive months. Also, it is wise to include Acts of God in your insurance. I believe this is important especially since we have been experiencing flash floods and strong typhoons for years now and you can see cars washed away or fly around during these calamities.

Husband and I has a theme song for 2 years now, 'Wake me up when September ends'. Pwede bang gumising na lang kami kapag tapos na ang mga kautangan!? Oh well, may kasabihang bago (or luma na ba?), This too shall pass...

Mommy Moments - Restaurants

We are a family of eaters! I'm blessed with kids who are not picky eaters.
And who doesn't love to eat? It's just a great pleasure :)
When eating out with kids, we try to veer away from fast foods and go to restaurants instead for the ff. reasons:
1.) we always get healthy meals even eating outside;
2.) fast foods are mostly self-serviced which I don't like especially if you have two toddlers in tow. When going to the restaurants, you will always pay more but I believe that quality service should be non-negotiable. Like when a trying-to-be-independent-and-eat-on-his-own Sam drops his spoon, there is a waiter with an extra spoon ready. 
3.) restos which are kid-friendly have art materials for kids to enjoy while waiting for food. Again, quality service.
4.) another major factor of restos over fast foods is the restroom. Need I say more?

This is a late post for Mommy Moments. I was busy last Friday with errands and my very first PTA meeting :)

mommy moments

Fish and Co. has really cute untensils for kids :)

In Subic with in-laws
birthday party at Chili's
couple bonding at Don Antonio's
Texas Joe in Subic has wooden horses on the patio

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Road Towards Total Diaper Weaning

Last night was the second night that Sam went off diapers and I'm happy to say that our bed (since we co-sleep) still smells 'normal' and no wee wee stain yet. We started to take him off his daytime diaper before his 2nd birthday. Now that he is 2 yrs and 3 months, I feel he's ready since sometimes he just won't take a pee with his diaper on. 
For the past nights, he woke up in the middle of the night and asked mommy to accompany him to the bathroom or potty trainer. He still prefers the bathroom, though, so that means longer trip from the bed for us. Nevertheless, I'm so proud of my little boy! :) Hindi ko pa kailangan magpalit ng kama. Malapit ko na ring i-scratch ang diaper sa aking weekly budget. Yay! 
Ok, so not so Yay. 
Imagine me waking up in the middle of the night once or twice to get him to the bathroom or potty trainer. Kumusta naman ang eyebags ko ngayon? Then I have to be up again by 6am to get ready for work. Hilong talilong sa umaga :( Promise, babawi talaga ako ng tulog sa weekend!
I hope his diaper weaning will be a total success. This is such a happy thought for me :)

Watery Wednesday : Pranjetto Hills

 This is the view on our way to this mountain resort in Tanay, Rizal called Pranjetto Hills. It's approx. 2 hours away from Commonwealth Ave. It's a really cool and cold place (hence the fog). The rain didn't help much as it made the zigzag road 'zero visibility'. The owners say it can get colder than Baguio on some months.

The pool area where kids enjoyed swimming despite some drizzle.
 View from the top. Still drizzling with overcast sky. The view was breathtaking nonetheless :)

Pranjetto Hills also has zorb ball and zipline. It's a really nice place for family and office outings. Lots of interesting spots for bonding, meditation and fun activies.

Thanks to Tita Chit and her cousin Tita Mary for their hospitality :)

Pranjetto Hills
Sitio Mayagay, Sampaloc
Tanay, Rizal
Tel. +632 697 1785 / +63 2 630 5686
Telefax. +63 2 695 1332

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry about this post but I'm feeling a bit low again. I feel like I need to be somewhere else right now. No, not in another shoe sale. That last one gave me a very short-lived happiness.
I will not try to expound too much. Just feel like I need a looong break from everything and everyone.

Anyway, just an update from this last Post. Before actually deciding on what course to take (Shockwave or medication), I took another advice from a different Urologist in a different hospital. Since my ultrasound was a month old, he told he to have another KUB ultrasound and I did just that. Turned out, the stone was bigger on this new ultrasound. However, according to my new doctor, the stone is too small for a shockwave treatmeant. he also does not advice it at this point since it has an effect on the kidney (the pounding and pressure that the treatment that is). He gave me a medication called URAL which is supposed to help breakdown the stones and hopefully those tiny bits will go pass my body with my wee wee. He recommended the powder form of URAL instead of capsules as the former is more effective. I need to take it 3 times a day for a month. I'm down to my last 1 1/2 weeks of the taking medicine which is like salt water by the way. After which, I'm back to the ultrasound guys to see if there's any improvement. Here's to hoping that my kidney gets clear of those bothersome stones. That will surely give me a nice lift in the spirits.
My only happy thought, I can still eat grapes. I still need to avoid coffee, chocolates, strawberries, peanuts and spinach, rhubarb though.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Little School Girl...

is sooo excited to go to school everyday! She's excited about her new school, her new uniform, her new bag and her new classmates :) She can't get enough of herself moving up to be a school girl. Her school starts at 11am pero 10am pa lang reading ready na, suot na ang backpack, waiting for her school bus. Excited much? Haha :)
When she gets a star or an apple stamp from teacher, she makes sure its intact until mommy and daddy got home and see it with their very own eyes. She loves it when our eyes sparkle and we give her a big hug for her good work.
Last Thursday, she got an 'outstanding effort' stamp.

Me: Wow! Why did teacher Cat give you that?
Sophie: Kasi mommy si Celine little teacher tapos sabi ko kay teacher Cat ako ang Line leader. Then I put my name on the orange circle. Kaya ako may stamp.
Me: Ahhh, okay. Very good! (parang naintindihan ko naman...)

disclaimer: the poses are totally her idea, i have nothing to do with it :)

Heto ang mas malupit. Sam got a star, too, kahit hindi naman siya student sa school. He came to visit Ate Sophie last Friday in school, mingled with the teachers, named all the animals, shapes and colors in Ate's classroom. The teachers were so amused by him they gave him a 'super star' stamp.

 They said he's ready for school. Naah, he's only 2 and he's still my kulitog baby. Besides, I can teach him all the things in nursery so no school for him for now.

Enchanted Kingdom Through the Years

 I don't know how many years our company have spent Family Day in Enchanted Kingdom but every year it's a different experience for me.
The first year it was just Stephen and I with Sophie barely a year old then. The next year, we came with Sophie and two years after it was with Sophie and Sam already although Sam was still a baby then.

Sophie, a year in between in EK. Taken by an officemate.

I think this year is the most exciting EK Family Day for me since I know that both kids are big enough to enjoy some rides and games :0 Good thing EK Family day is free for all regular employees of our company and 3 of its dependents (with wizard money too for meals and souvenirs).

So, what rides can kids enjoy? First off, both kids' height were measured at the entrance and we were given waivers indicating which ride they can enjoy based on their age and height. So here are the rides that Sophie and Sam enjoyed:

Ooops bago ang lahat, family pic muna with Wizard :)

And by the fountain. The little girl is a ballerina these days, thus, the pose.

 Taon taon na lang may picture kami sa unggoy na 'to.

Kids can ride the swan all they like just as long as they're accompanied by adults

And they have life vests during the ride

Ang adults pwedeng wala nang life vest since the lake is just 3 feet tall.

they can use this enclosed playground for 10 minutes per session. Si Stephen kamuntik na ma-heart attack kasi first time ni Sam maglaro na unattended by yaya (no adults allowed inside).

Sophie then became Sam's guardian, always asked to follow Sam wherever he went

Play on the slide at Boulderville :0

 Their fave, the train! This is always first in the itinerary (Sophie won the flower from a game. She also won a mini whale for Sam)

And the carousel :0

Ah eh, ako rin pala enjoy sa carousel hehe

they also got to ride this on their own. Ako naman ang na-heart attack dito! Hindi din pwede sumama ang adult :( Buti na lang behave ang 2 bagets.

While Sophie, Stephen and I went to check out Realto, Sam enjoyed strolling around since he's not yet allowed inside. Happy Feet was on at Realto but Sophie didn't enjoy it much, too loud daw.

Sophie can also ride the Wheel Of Fate as well as the Rio Grande (my fave ride, by the way)

Adults can check out this track and be a race car driver for a few minutes.

All geared up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, the carts were too small for Stephen (ang claim niya maiksi for him, yeah right) so I decided not to push through anymore too. We always go together (excuse for being scared to ride alone).

Here's one of my fave photo during our EK day.

Kids are restricted from riding some rides as safety precaution. If you plan to bring them there, better check out first as it may be unwise to buy them regular day pass ticket which cost P400 (weekday) or P500 (weekend). A Carousel Ticket or Junior Day Pass could be your best deal for kids.

EK Family Day: June 11, 2011
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