Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My Favorite Amici Gelati station gets a new look and a name - Caramio! :)

Been a while since I last ate at Amici, Tomas Morato. And it's so nice to reunite with an old love. Their Cannelloni Agli Spinaci and Margherita pizza really make my day. But what ends my visit to Amici with a heavenly smile is their gelati station. For that visit, I tried their tiramisu, one of their new flavors. Not being able to take anything with coffee (and anything sugary) during my pregnancy, I cherished every bittersweet and creamy taste of my cupful gelati. I think it was a great idea also that each cup has broas cubes to break the monotony. It's nice to get a different texture once in a while.

I'm looking forward to another visit to Amici. Im gonna try one of their cakes next time.

check out their menu :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

How to React When Your Toddler Swears

"I read this article in one of the baby sites I follow ever since I was pregnant with Sophie. Generally, the site has been very helpful to me esp. on the part of child development and products update (recalls, safety, etc). But with this particular article I do not agree. Ignore my kid when he swears? I dont think so. I've heard Sophie swear before and it was like a bang in my ear. I know she just heard it from one of her playmates and was trying out the words but I told her immediately to never ever say the word because it is bad. I never heard her say it again. I know she understood me, never underestimate a 2-year old's comprehension. Also, in our household, although we are not perfect and may utter a no-no word sometime in the presence of the children (even unconsciously) Stephen and I immediately correct ourselves. We want to instill in them that even for adults bad words are wrong words."
Yikes—where'd he learn that one? Here's what to say and do to flush your toddler's potty-mouth tendencies completely.

The Mall and I

For the past three weekends we were able to go malling (one weekend with the whole household, Stephen, Sophie, Sam and two househelp and two consecutive weekends with stephen only).
I miss malling so much, I was a mall rat before I got pregnant with my second baby and before we got the new house. When I was single I could spend the whole day in a mall... on my own. My personal fave is Glorietta 4 in Makati City. Growing up in Pasay, Glorietta was my next home. There are so many unforgettable memories intertwined with that place. I witnessed the first coup d' etat in Glorietta. My mom and I went to Glorietta unknowingly (because there was no media breakout yet) that a coup was being staged already. We got a scare of our life when we saw armed soldiers on top of Landmark, scattered around the bus terminal and along Ayala, I failed to count how many tanks are positioned in that area alone. We went home as soon as came.

Anyway, avoiding the malls was a personal choice. With the commitment to get a new house and with all the financial responsibilities, one sacrifice was to avoid the malls and to avoid the sale in Mango or Terranova or Janilyn, Timezone :(, the promos, the new stocks in Landmark, the movie theater, new restaurants and the salons ( Haay, I'll blame Suze Orman if this backfires hehe).

But lately, weve been spending weekends at the mall again to unwind and do grocery at the same time. I think it's also a good time for Stephen and I to spend time together sans the kids, I believe it's important for any couple no matter how many kids and commitments they have. Although when Im at the mall I feel the need to go home soon because I miss my kids, somehow it's a refresher activity... especially for me :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sam turned five months last August 31. At this stage he is now starting to crawl and reach for the toys in front of him. Well, i think the more appropriate term is 'trying to crawl'. His legs are so chunky that his toes can barely touch the floor and he needs those toes to push him forward. But he's a smart baby, what he does is bring his butt up so his upper body will move forward (imagine an oversized worm). He looks much like a human canoe when on his tummy, both ends upturned. oooh! he's so cute.

As with Sophie, well that little girl never fails amuse, amaze and mezmerize me. Up to this time, i still watch in awe at how beautiful she is (evenwith the skin condition she has right now, although its starting to heal thank God). She always amazes us with her queries, antics and witty remarks. Sometimes I'm even dumbfounded with her knock out / out of the blue questions. And she's not easily swayed by the palusot of the elders (kaya Stephen and I realized she needs a smart and patient yaya).

Everyday I thank God because we are so blessed with two lovely children and I pray that they will always be healthy and safe. That they will grow into responsible, intelligent, compassionate and God fearing individuals.
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