Monday, February 8, 2010

Biggest Loser The game is ON!

Our unit in the office decided to hold a contest called the Biggest Loser. Just like the mechanics of the popular American show, the person with the biggest weight to lose after a period will win. We all agreed to each put P200  in our pot and the total amount will go to the biggest loser winner (confusing eh).
Actually, the grand prize is not so big, around 3K (other departments' prize money is12K! while others have more). But I needed the challenge that's why I joined. Last time I checked (during our first weigh in) my weight was the same as I was pregnant. That is really alarming. Yes, that's right, biggest loser has become a popular contest here in GMA. Even other department is holding their own biggest loser challenge.

I hope I can keep up with the challenge. No more dinner for 2 weeks now. I still have my cheat days and I eat anything I want in the morning but I try following the 4 small meals technique, see if it works. I already tried avoiding softdrinks, iced tea, chocolates and fatty foods esp. at night. I hope I can avoid beer, though, being a self confessed beer addict. Especially, lately I was able to try San Mig Premium Malt. The best!

But hey, last saturday I did a 30-minute run/walk around the basketball court. Geesh, losing weight is harder than gaining weight...

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