Wednesday, June 2, 2010

David Guerrero on

This week's BestAds update : David Guerrero as guest judge. He's my long time crush :)
Met him several times while I was with RNI Makati and may I say, he's one brilliant guy. Spearheaded several TV and Print ads which won International awards. Nice to see him on

his week's best 
Guest judge: David Guerrero, BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines
upload/David_GUERRERO.jpgThis week's guest judge is David Guerrero, chairman of BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines.

The world cup is looming large over the summer. So this column will try to resist the temptation to descend into convoluted footballing metaphors. But the brief is to pick a winner and a runner-up in each category. And comparisons with sporting folklore will be hard to avoid. In the TV final for example it's come down to Dulux vs Sony. Duluxlooks ballsy enough. It's a big project and ultimately compelling to view. Arguably, however, it's more fascinating as an execution than an idea. Which means Sony's 3D spot comes out a comfortable winner. read more
Best TV

Sony 3D TV: 3D
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Best print

Conqueror Paper: Kathak
Best outdoor

CNN International: Berlin Wall Tape Art Project
Best interactive

Hamburg: Sounds of Hamburg

Sinkholes In Different Parts of the World

Disturbing photos of sinkholes in Guatemala City and other parts of the world.

A A sinkhole is seen in downtown Guatemala City on May 31. Authorities blamed the heavy rains from tropical storm Agatha as the cause of the crater that swallowed a three-story building, and say they will also be conducting further studies to determine the cause. In April 2007, another giant sinkhole in the same area killed three people
Luis Echeverria/Guatemala's Presidency/AP

Tropical Storm Agatha floods kill 150, cause giant sinkhole in Guatemala City -

In Guatemala City...

In Chattanooga, Tenn.

Limestone sinkhole in Oman

Apparently, sinkholes have occurred several times in different areas of the world since the 1990's.
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