Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ngayong Nanay Na Ako

This morning, I enjoyed taking Sam's video while dancing and (attemping) to jump to Barney songs. It was so much fun seeing him and Sophie enjoy their new Barney video which I bought last night. 

Then on my way to work, it just dawned on me, grabe after 3 years of parenthood and 2 kids ang dami na ring nagbago sa buhay ko. This inspired me to make a Ngayong Nanay na Ako list:

1. ngayong nanay na ako, malakas na akong magkape. it all started after I went back to work from my 1st maternity leave. Hindi kinakaya ng powers ko to stay awake in the office dahil puyat ako the night before. Sa totoo lang kung hindi ako magkakape makaktulog talaga ako habang nag-cocomputer. Although when I breastfed, I limit my coffee intake to 1 cup per day;

2. i have chronic back pain - from abruptly rising from bed sa gabi to get to Sophie or Sam's crib, the doctor said. Hindi na sila natutulog sa crib ngayon pero may back pain pa rin ako. Siguro sa kabubuhat naman ng mga batang iyon. I've been to reflexolgists and PTs and they helped me for some time but the pain is still there so I decided to just live with it. Anyway, it's not as bad as before; 

3. memorize ko almost all Barney songs. Never in my entire single life did I imagine that I will have any encounter with that big purple dinosaur pero ngayon I'm thankful for Barney for teaching Sophie proper brushing of the teeth, hand washing and sharing. Sam's next :) ; 

4. kung ang mga friends ko join online promos to get a free spa, free boutique gcs, free vacation, ako i join promos to get free tickets to Meet and Greet Elmo or Dora or Barney (kaya superhappy ako for the Bliss Yoga GC). Ngayon, hindi na rin rock concerts ang pinupunta namin sa Araneta Coliseum kundi Disney on Ice concert na. Imagine the number of children's parties we've been too... ; 

5. I shop 'til I drop... for my babies' needs - I most often go shopping for Sophie or Sam's clothes. Kahit na ang original intention ko sa pagpunta sa mall ay bumili ng something for me, I end up going home with nothing for me and something for the kids. So far lahat ng bago ko ay either regalo or padala na lang (which is good for me pa rin);

6. sobra akong emotional at iyakin. Just last Monday night I cried while watching Ambulansyang Paa ng iWitness, nakakaawa kasi yung mga babies na hindi mabigyan ng immediate medical assistance dahil nasa bundok sila. Imagine that, samantalang when I was single ang tawag sa akin sa office 'cold fish' or 'bato' kasi ako ang pinaka-deadmang tao sa opisina; 

7. okay na akin ang 5-6 hours sleep. nasanay na lang din siguro kasi mahigit 3 taong na kong kulang sa tulog. my OB shared nga that her MIL last took an 8-hour sleep before she gave birth to her 1st child and she has 12 children! buti na lang naging magaling na doktor ang isa niyang anak niya. 

Ngayon nanay na ako ang daming nagbago sa buhay ko, total turn around. Kaya nga ang sabi ko sa mga staff ko na single pa at nagpaplano magpakasal, kung mag-decide sila magpakasal dapat handa sila to give up all the luxuries of single life. dapat ready sila to be selfless and for the sacrifices they have to make for the children and the family. If there is one tinge of doubt, don't,because it's going to be more difficult. 

Motherhood is the most humbling yet fulfilling experience. It's a lifetime profession.

Ngayon nanay na ako, I'm happy because I have the inspiration to make all the right decisions in life. May direction na ang buhay at may focus sa goals and dreams. Now that I'm a mom, I wake up each morning with a smile on my face (may back pain o wala, puyat o hindi) because my children give me all the reason to smile and be thankful for the blessings :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

I won! I won!

Congratulations to Week 3's winners of Bliss Yoga GCs! - Promos |

Yehey! I won a Bliss Yoga GC from Simply joined an online promo in which you have to answer the question of the week. Among the entries, 4 of us got the prize. Thanks Smart Parenting! :)

It's really exciting to win something like this especially since medyo malas na ako sa raffle and promos the past year. Nice to experience being happy like a child who just got her Christmas gift.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex and the City 2 is almost here!


I'm so excited to see Carrie and Aiden together again! It's exciting also to see them in a different location, Abu Dhabi! (although movie was shot really in Morroco).
Can't wait for June 2!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going Organic,etc.

Last night, I bought Sophie shampoo from the organic stall in Trinoma. Can't remember really the name of the stall but they carry All Organics, Giga, Human Nature, Milea and other organic products. This shampoo I particularly like since it smells sweet (I chose banana scent) compared to other brands or scents which smell, well, organic (translation: amoy dahong tuyo or latik or ewan). If it's soap or other products okay lang if it smells like ginger or coconut oil but if its something like shampoo which lingers in your hair, sana naman medyo acceptable ang amoy :) Also, if it smells weird, Sophie may not use it. Kikay pa naman yun...
You won't imagine how arte my daughter is, wonder who she got it from? Hhmm... Imagine for the past month, all she wanted for pasalubong are makeup sets. 'Yung madami, Mommy ha' or 'Yung lipstick ko Mommy tsaka yung lalagyan ko ng makeup', she'd shout out from the garage as I walk on. It's not enough that she has 3 shoulder bags (mind you, their not bags designed for toddlers but for adults), kailangan talaga may make up bag pa.
Just last Saturday we went to SM North Edsa to buy her new pair of shoes because she has been complaining of broken shoes (her sandals got worn out from too much use). When we reached the children's shoes section, I asked her what shoes she wants and she replied, 'yung kagaya sa 'yo, Mommy' and I assure you she meant the high heeled shoes. Good thing we saw this Fisher Price Sesame edition pink sandals, the kind that light up when you step on them or squeeze them. It's already a top choice for her, it lights up and it's pink so she forgot about the high heels.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sam's 1st Birthday

Finally! Pictures from Sam's 1st birthday celebration at Oscarrito's last April 10, 2010. Thank you to Oscar (hence, Oscarrito),Weena and Lisa for the accommodation and the wonderful Ilonggo dish that our guests (especially my Ilonggo family) enjoyed. People talked about the porbidang kangkong for days!
Thank you Marga and her team of Gashville for the party needs and entertainment. You personally attended Sam's party despite the personal griefs you were going through. Thank you for the freebies and the photo booth. Everybody enjoyed the booth, it was a hit! 

the venue got ready for the party! 

Painting courtesy of Xtian Borja who also made Sophie's caricature in watercolor for her 1st bday. Thanks X! :)

happy birthday my dear baby boy :)

Thank you to everyone who graced the occasion with their presence. It's nice that family, long lost friends and officemates came to celebrate with Sam.
with the Jugoses

Sophie with Mama Karol

the Lomibaos enjoyed the photobooth

Thank you Theresa of Cakes And Cupcakes [] for the Rocket cake and cupcakes. Not only do they look fabulous but they're also yummy. Kids' and adults' EQs were challenged by the tempting Einstein cakes :) Thank you for being patient with me even with last minute changes.

 Leo, Quincy, June and Annie with Rocket - Sam's fave Disney show

cupcakes with picture toppers

More photos of family and friends: 

Everybody was a kid for a day and made fun of themselves at the photo booth. It was momentous to see those dear to us come and enjoy themselves at Sam's birthday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Eleksyon 2010 - Oh well, what else is new besides the automation

Last May 10, I went out to cast my vote for the National elections. My mom, brother and I left the house at around 12nn and under the scorching heat and frenzy of people, we made our way to the public school where we vote every election. Good thing, our local school is just a mere minute walk from the house so it's not so bad after all. What's really worse was the line of voters waiting! Some say they've been there since 9am and by 12nn their line hasn't moved an inch. For some strange reason, I felt like an Imbestigador helpdesk at that time, sumbungan ng bayan :( Maybe because they know I work at GMA and people has this notion that if you're from media, you can make immediate action. I was not ready for that but I attempted to talk to the BEI to check the problem. As I made my way through the crowd to talk to the BEI lady, I heard her spoke over the PA system and announced that those in line will be issued a number and that the adjacent classroom will be opened as waiting area so that not everyone will have to stand outside to wait. Thank God I do not have to intercede! Whew!
I still kept careful watch, though, of any unlawful transactions and what not. Anything worth You Scooping... I guess that's as much as I can contribute as a citizen.
Finally was able to cast my vote at 410pm (by the way, didn't really waited in school the whole 4 hours. I'd go home every now and then while my younger brother Jek stood in line for me :) ). Mom didn't have to line up because she's a senior citizen. Lucky her.
As of May 14, today, no national position has been officially declared yet but Noynoy is leading by far and not just a (receding) hairline...Sorry can't resist that comment. Binay is leading but Mar is still a close number 2. Never say die! This line is almost every candidates' motto these past days! Either that or they think that the recently concluded election is a big hullabaloo.
Haay, magulo pa rin and eleksyon. I was quite enthusiastic about the election pa naman, being highly involved in the production of some of GMA's Election materials and because finally were trying to move up from our jologs manual election to an automated one. Of course, you can't please everyone so there will be criticisms left and right esp. on the Comelec. Not that I'm for them (Comelec) but the thing is - kung hindi ngayon, kelan pa? Our country is so left behind because of our crab mentality. It's irritating enough that we have a bunch of showbiz personalities in politics AGAIN...

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