Monday, September 14, 2009

The Mall and I

For the past three weekends we were able to go malling (one weekend with the whole household, Stephen, Sophie, Sam and two househelp and two consecutive weekends with stephen only).
I miss malling so much, I was a mall rat before I got pregnant with my second baby and before we got the new house. When I was single I could spend the whole day in a mall... on my own. My personal fave is Glorietta 4 in Makati City. Growing up in Pasay, Glorietta was my next home. There are so many unforgettable memories intertwined with that place. I witnessed the first coup d' etat in Glorietta. My mom and I went to Glorietta unknowingly (because there was no media breakout yet) that a coup was being staged already. We got a scare of our life when we saw armed soldiers on top of Landmark, scattered around the bus terminal and along Ayala, I failed to count how many tanks are positioned in that area alone. We went home as soon as came.

Anyway, avoiding the malls was a personal choice. With the commitment to get a new house and with all the financial responsibilities, one sacrifice was to avoid the malls and to avoid the sale in Mango or Terranova or Janilyn, Timezone :(, the promos, the new stocks in Landmark, the movie theater, new restaurants and the salons ( Haay, I'll blame Suze Orman if this backfires hehe).

But lately, weve been spending weekends at the mall again to unwind and do grocery at the same time. I think it's also a good time for Stephen and I to spend time together sans the kids, I believe it's important for any couple no matter how many kids and commitments they have. Although when Im at the mall I feel the need to go home soon because I miss my kids, somehow it's a refresher activity... especially for me :)

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*mrsMartinez* said...

hello janaki
glad to see that you also have a blogger acoount
bam and you should always have time for each other. a simple date would do. to keep the fire burning lol
miss you!

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