Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sam turned five months last August 31. At this stage he is now starting to crawl and reach for the toys in front of him. Well, i think the more appropriate term is 'trying to crawl'. His legs are so chunky that his toes can barely touch the floor and he needs those toes to push him forward. But he's a smart baby, what he does is bring his butt up so his upper body will move forward (imagine an oversized worm). He looks much like a human canoe when on his tummy, both ends upturned. oooh! he's so cute.

As with Sophie, well that little girl never fails amuse, amaze and mezmerize me. Up to this time, i still watch in awe at how beautiful she is (evenwith the skin condition she has right now, although its starting to heal thank God). She always amazes us with her queries, antics and witty remarks. Sometimes I'm even dumbfounded with her knock out / out of the blue questions. And she's not easily swayed by the palusot of the elders (kaya Stephen and I realized she needs a smart and patient yaya).

Everyday I thank God because we are so blessed with two lovely children and I pray that they will always be healthy and safe. That they will grow into responsible, intelligent, compassionate and God fearing individuals.

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*mrsMartinez* said...

anu namang skin condition ng inaanak ko? wawa naman

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