Monday, September 14, 2009

How to React When Your Toddler Swears

"I read this article in one of the baby sites I follow ever since I was pregnant with Sophie. Generally, the site has been very helpful to me esp. on the part of child development and products update (recalls, safety, etc). But with this particular article I do not agree. Ignore my kid when he swears? I dont think so. I've heard Sophie swear before and it was like a bang in my ear. I know she just heard it from one of her playmates and was trying out the words but I told her immediately to never ever say the word because it is bad. I never heard her say it again. I know she understood me, never underestimate a 2-year old's comprehension. Also, in our household, although we are not perfect and may utter a no-no word sometime in the presence of the children (even unconsciously) Stephen and I immediately correct ourselves. We want to instill in them that even for adults bad words are wrong words."
Yikes—where'd he learn that one? Here's what to say and do to flush your toddler's potty-mouth tendencies completely.

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