Monday, May 17, 2010

Sam's 1st Birthday

Finally! Pictures from Sam's 1st birthday celebration at Oscarrito's last April 10, 2010. Thank you to Oscar (hence, Oscarrito),Weena and Lisa for the accommodation and the wonderful Ilonggo dish that our guests (especially my Ilonggo family) enjoyed. People talked about the porbidang kangkong for days!
Thank you Marga and her team of Gashville for the party needs and entertainment. You personally attended Sam's party despite the personal griefs you were going through. Thank you for the freebies and the photo booth. Everybody enjoyed the booth, it was a hit! 

the venue got ready for the party! 

Painting courtesy of Xtian Borja who also made Sophie's caricature in watercolor for her 1st bday. Thanks X! :)

happy birthday my dear baby boy :)

Thank you to everyone who graced the occasion with their presence. It's nice that family, long lost friends and officemates came to celebrate with Sam.
with the Jugoses

Sophie with Mama Karol

the Lomibaos enjoyed the photobooth

Thank you Theresa of Cakes And Cupcakes [] for the Rocket cake and cupcakes. Not only do they look fabulous but they're also yummy. Kids' and adults' EQs were challenged by the tempting Einstein cakes :) Thank you for being patient with me even with last minute changes.

 Leo, Quincy, June and Annie with Rocket - Sam's fave Disney show

cupcakes with picture toppers

More photos of family and friends: 

Everybody was a kid for a day and made fun of themselves at the photo booth. It was momentous to see those dear to us come and enjoy themselves at Sam's birthday.

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*MrsMartinez* said...

Happy birthday SAM!!

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