Friday, May 14, 2010

Eleksyon 2010 - Oh well, what else is new besides the automation

Last May 10, I went out to cast my vote for the National elections. My mom, brother and I left the house at around 12nn and under the scorching heat and frenzy of people, we made our way to the public school where we vote every election. Good thing, our local school is just a mere minute walk from the house so it's not so bad after all. What's really worse was the line of voters waiting! Some say they've been there since 9am and by 12nn their line hasn't moved an inch. For some strange reason, I felt like an Imbestigador helpdesk at that time, sumbungan ng bayan :( Maybe because they know I work at GMA and people has this notion that if you're from media, you can make immediate action. I was not ready for that but I attempted to talk to the BEI to check the problem. As I made my way through the crowd to talk to the BEI lady, I heard her spoke over the PA system and announced that those in line will be issued a number and that the adjacent classroom will be opened as waiting area so that not everyone will have to stand outside to wait. Thank God I do not have to intercede! Whew!
I still kept careful watch, though, of any unlawful transactions and what not. Anything worth You Scooping... I guess that's as much as I can contribute as a citizen.
Finally was able to cast my vote at 410pm (by the way, didn't really waited in school the whole 4 hours. I'd go home every now and then while my younger brother Jek stood in line for me :) ). Mom didn't have to line up because she's a senior citizen. Lucky her.
As of May 14, today, no national position has been officially declared yet but Noynoy is leading by far and not just a (receding) hairline...Sorry can't resist that comment. Binay is leading but Mar is still a close number 2. Never say die! This line is almost every candidates' motto these past days! Either that or they think that the recently concluded election is a big hullabaloo.
Haay, magulo pa rin and eleksyon. I was quite enthusiastic about the election pa naman, being highly involved in the production of some of GMA's Election materials and because finally were trying to move up from our jologs manual election to an automated one. Of course, you can't please everyone so there will be criticisms left and right esp. on the Comelec. Not that I'm for them (Comelec) but the thing is - kung hindi ngayon, kelan pa? Our country is so left behind because of our crab mentality. It's irritating enough that we have a bunch of showbiz personalities in politics AGAIN...

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last I heard me hocus PCOS hahaha onli in the pilipins

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