Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Assorted Thoughts on Parenting

I am exhausted beyond words. I haven’t had a single proper sleep for almost 3 weeks now. In the morning, we have to be up before 6am or it’s cram time to get Sophie prepped before her school service arrives. After she leaves, it’s hubby and mine’s turn to get ready for work. Good thing before school started we decided to change our little boy’s schedule from morning to afternoon because if not, the chaos at the Garcia home is unimaginable.

As for the laundry, because we haven’t found a 2nd helper yet I decided to get someone else to do our laundry and ironing per week. I really need to destress and declutter our life soon because I’m about to explode due to physical, emotional and mental exhaustion :( I have to be honest with myself that being an (almost) full time homemaker and full time working mom is not a good idea for sanity sake. 

Honestly during times like these, I imagine myself or imagine my single friends’ lifestyle. Please don’t judge me, I’m just thinking out loud.
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Don't worry I try to be more presentable than this when I leave the house. 
How life would have been better if I am single, no family with kids, no major responsibilities. All I have to worry about is good ‘ol me. Or, how life would have been if there was only one child to think of. Maybe, just maybe, it will be easier financially, emotionally and physically. Just being honest with myself here because I want this blog to be as truthful and realistic especially when it comes to parenting. As I always tell my friends who are planning to have kids for the first time and asks for my advice – make sure you are prepared emotionally, physically, financially and mentally. Being a parent is a wonderful thing, it’s truly priceless and rewarding but it will definitely turn your life around 360 degrees. The cost of milk and diaper alone is overwhelming, the emotional ups and downs you go through whenever your child has a milestone or an accident, and all else in between is just insane. Insanely good or insanely suicidal, your choice on how you look at it. 

Parenthood, in all levels and angles, is never an easy walk in the park. It’s really more of a roller coaster ride, the kind that’s gets your guts upside down and makes you vomit and not those cutesy caterpillar-designed rides for kids. So kids, always appreciate your parents. They may not be perfect but they try to make life perfect for you any way they know and can afford. 'Ya hear me? 

Of course, I never wish for a single life now. Imagining is different from wishing. My kids are everything to me and I can’t as well imagine life without them. I just wish that we will find a perfect balance in our life, the permanent answer/s to all our problems now (if there's such a thing). While I await that moment I need to manage my expectations and be happy and contented with what we have now. 

I am always hopeful at the end of the day. I try to find something good in bad situations and believe that it all happen for a reason. Like our scenario now in which I sleep late to finish some chores and get up really early the next day to prepare Sophie and Sam's baon, I like it (well, parts of it). I enjoy preparing their bento meals, with all those fancy decors and accessories. It brings out my crafty and sometimes kikay side. Last night I made sure I did the grocery really quick so I have time to drop by a Japan store for more bento accessories before my ride arrives. The kids were excited with their mini pizza, chocolate croissant and fruits bento baon today. 

one of their bento baon - heart shaped rice, sausages and grapes :)
Simple things to make me smile and makes kids smile the more. Happiness is a state of mind after all.  

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