Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Life

Only 3 letters to describe this week and the last - O.M.G! Only God knows how we survived the weeks with no helpers (nada, zero, bokya). The last one left two Saturdays ago and as much as I know I still need her while the replacements are not yet in, I let her go for both our own good. So much drama in goodbyes but the scenes were so much opposite than with their predecessors. I know, not the perfect time to lose a helper because school is here and we are going through adjustments now that Sophie is going to a big school and both kids now have different schedules. 

Thank God for mother-in-laws, my MIL stays with the kids so hubby and I can manage to go to work. As much as I want to take a leave to take care of the house, work is as demanding because of several projects that we need to launch and all other important stuff that needs my attention. When it rains it really pours sometimes, noh? So I’m very grateful that my MIL agreed to stay with the kids.

If there is one other thing important and rewarding that I learned from this experience is that my kids rose to the occasion especially our little Ate Sophie.

Every morning before we leave for work, I always tell her to be a helpful Ate. To help Mama Karol (my MIL) take care of the house and his brother.

I’m proud of my little girl when my mother-in-law will tell me how Sophie fixed our bed, cleaned the 2nd room and helped babysit his brother. She would also remind Sam to not go out without the company of an adult. These stories bring a big smile on my face and special warmth in my heart. I must’ve done something right with the little lady. Something that I sometimes doubt because I’m a working mom and my career is a non-9-to-5 type.

Every night since Monday, we have a ‘good-job-Ate’ special talk and I know how much she is proud of herself as well. Did I mention that she’s also a good dishwasher? She’s only 6 but behaves and thinks beyond her years :)

My little boy has become doubly independent as well. He eats by himself now and can manage to do simple errands here and there. My reward to the little ones? Storytelling night of as many books they want, in character! They have a blast listening to mommy.

Last Sunday night, a new helper arrived. Thank God because our laundry is pile high! I attempted to do the laundry last weekend and boy was it exhausting! I haven’t done that much laundry in my entire life.

We are still waiting for helper #2 and I'm seriously praying we can get right back on track and have a hint of normalcy at home soon. Our schedules are chaotic right now and I'm totally beat (I think I need to take a muscle pain reliever anytime soon) but we will have to live with that for now. 

Last Monday, I took a leave from work to bring the kids to school and orient the new helper on household schedules and chores. It was another being-pulled-from-all-directions kind of experience but I firmly believe this is only a phase and we will get pass this soon. That after the rain, a rainbow appears (with pot of gold please :)). I’m still thankful that at the end of the day, blessings are far greater than the mishaps and our family stays strong together.

I’m so looking forward to our weekend vacay, time for some serious R&R :)



xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Grabe! Six na pala si ate Sophie! How time flies! Anyway, mwawala na din ako ng maid baka may reco ka?


Janaki Garcia said...

Yeah,they grow up that fast. I'll contact you if may maid na mag-apply :)

cheekeegirl said...

A mother can only juggle multiple jobs like this. I salute you mom!

Janaki Garcia said...

Thank you cheekeegirl. It's not easy being a mom but it's very rewarding at the same time.

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