Friday, March 9, 2012

Mommy Moments: Dinner Date at Cafe Jeepney

 Hubby and I had a post V-day celebration last February 27. As it's a rare occasion now that we get to spend time alone as husband and wife, I decided to take my hubby out for a buffet dinner for 2 at InterContinental Hotel's Cafe Jeepney :)
 Cafe Jeepney in general is a very nice place to dine. The ambience is very cozy and unique, with Philippine jeepney (Sarao) being the inspiration for the interior design. Did you know that our pampasaherong jeep were made from the left overs of WWII military jeepneys? Filipinos found a good use for it as a public transport and had fun decorating it with imagination as the limit.

See? There's one wall decor that actually lights up :)

We got there early so we had time to take pictures. Buffet stations open at 630pm. There are several tables available when we dined considering it was a Sunday but I guess it's better to make an advance call for reservation just to be sure. 
me in a cape blouse from Saga and necklace from Tomato. 
We started off on the main menu where they served an array of oriental, Filipino and continental dishes. Some dishes were forgettable but I love the fish selection. 

What we enjoyed in Cafe Jeepney, sushi bar! The options are not that much but what they have I really likey. 

Salad bar. I only tried the cesar salad and it's sooo good. 

The main attraction (for me, that is) the looong line of dessert station which is such a gastronomic delight. Make sure to leave a lot of room for dessert. 

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Hazel said...

Oh - oh... purple yumminess atop what looks like crushed ice! Cafe Jeepney is a concept that must work brilliantly in the location it is in.

anney said...

I really have a sweet tooth kaya I'm sure maeenjoy ko ng todo ang dessert station nila! Baka yan na nga lang ang kainin ko e. nyahaha!

Chris said...

i've been there once many years back... :)

Timeless Confection said...

wow!I've never heard of this place before. Sounds like we should definitely check this out. thanks so much sis!

MoM from Manila said...

you said leave a lot of room for desserts, I can do that!...perhaps, I'd have to ask Hubby to bring me to Cafe Jeepney..

visiting from MM, hope you can take a peek at the new ME!

Spanish Pinay said...

yummy, yummy and yummy! Glad you enjoyed your post v-date celeb with loving hubby :)

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

@Hazel - the halo halo is really good especially since you can choose your ingredients.
@anney - I'm sure you will enjoy this buffet :)
@chris - thanks!
@timeless confection - welcome :)
@Mom from Manila - thanks! will visit soon :)
@spanish pinay - thanks! yeah, we need it every now and then :)


This sounds like a super place to be. Oh, and I also read about your 'wedding outfit/pantsuit"...pretty.

Thanks for visiting.

march on... said...

@hootin anni- thanks! it's a very unique place :)

kimmy said...

cool place and the food really look great..

Mel said...

sounds like a cool place to dine especially that it's about jeepneys. nice decor on the wall there. yummy food :) visiting from mommy moments.

march on... said...

@kimmy - go visit the place. it's very nice and cozy :)

@Mel - thanks for the visit :)

Tetcha said...

Like you, hubby and I seldom go on dates now because the little boy always tags along. Lol! I'm not much of a dessert person, but I'd love to try their caesar's salad! Here's my MM entry:

march on... said...

@Tetcha - you will emjoy their salad station, they got a wide variety :)

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

In college, I actually did a report about the history of jeepney's, and this one really took me to it. I've never been to cafe jeepney but would love to the experience someday, thanks for sharing, and also, belated happy birthday, Janaki!

march on... said...

@Joy - thanks for the visit. I seem to know you from my past? :) were we classmates from HS?

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