Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i just realized that i havent read a single book for sometime now, i remember the last book i read was Neil Gaiman's Stardust and it was last year pa. then i was able to finish it after a couple of weeks i think because i only get to read a few pages only after sophie sleeps.

as a teenager i got really hooked on pocketbooks. during summers i could finish 3 mills and boon novel in a day. way back in highschool (parang a long time ago na ah...) i got hooked naman on sweet valley high and harlequin romance. i remember finishing 3 books of LOTR in less than a week, that was a good mark already considering others find LOTR really hard to digest if you read fast. but mind you, i never bought a single book, never really had a budget for that back then. all books were borrowed from classmates or cousins. you will never imagine how far 1 book can reach and how many people get to read 1 book from pasa-pasa system lang.

but now, because of so much stuff at work and home i never get to find time or strength to read a novel. i have some pending Coelho books to read but i feel like my brain could no longer absorb and process the details from the book. at home it's such a rare occasion to have the time to just sit back in a corner and read. i guess that's why i started to enjoy blogging. instead of thoughts getting in and just get all rumbled inside at least i can exhaust my brain once in a while. Blogging is really an effective outlet, its a refresher from the corporate doucments that you need to compose and email at work. it's also a way to express yourself and minding your own business.

i think im gonna keep on blogging for a while...

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