Thursday, October 7, 2010

GT- The Book That Makes Me Cry All The Time

Some people do Bible cutting when they want to talk to God. When they have problems and they need spiritual guidance they turn to the Bible. I do that too but sometimes I turn to this book instead.
 I talk to my God through this book. It has answered so many questions that I can't find the answer to in this world. It explains to me things that I cannot understand, accept or simply ignore. It keeps me on my feet. It gives  me a clear perspective of my purpose in life and what God has designed me to be and to do. 
Sometimes it doesn't have to be questions, when I feel so down and so depressed and so alone given all the things I have in life.This book gives me answers. It's like God is there sitting in front of me telling and explaining incomprehensible things to me. And most times, things are incomprehensible because I simply ignore to face the truth. This is what the book does for me, it tells me bluntly the truth that the world would not dare tell me. That I have sinned, that I have been away from God for too long, that I have lived a worldly life and should repent. As we always say, the truth hurts and because it hurts so much I feel like my heart is going to explode and I cry for hours as I listen to God. At the end of each conversation with Him, He always whispers how He loves me that He doesn't want me to be astray for so long that's why He makes me discover my faults as early as possible. When you are in this kind of spiritual state, it's just so overwhelming and scary sometimes you have nothing more to do but cry. 


sheng said...

was it something like the Purpose Driven Life?

i think this one is a must read also...thanks for sharing..

march on... said...

This is a devotional book which relates to scriptures from the Bible, much like Didache. The articles are written in such a way that you can easily relate to it and very much connects to everyday life. I hope this book will touch your life as it does mine :)

Kero said...

I love devotional books..i will definitely lookout for this. Thank you so much for sharing and Happy GT!

my entry is here

Vernz said...

This is I think is a devotional book, you have to read a page everyday right? thanks for sharing..

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march on... said...

Yes,its designed to be read that way. I however, prefer to read it on a per need basis. I would fervently pray to God first (usually with a question or a problem :( ) then I would open the book randomly,just wherever part my finger will land. it usually leads me to an answer. amazing, isnt it.
I read your PEBA and entry and voted for it :)

imriz said...

"And most times, things are incomprehensible because I simply ignore to face the truth"...I AM THIS! ouch!
thanks for sharing this book.

ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ said...

reading a book about God really moved me too! I am glad He moved you as well...

Very good book...

Anyway, here's mine

Have a good weekend!

Earth said...

haven't gotten across this yet. thanks so muck for posting it here..

zoan said...

i never tried this one out. hmmmm i tried the purpose driven life but i havent finished it yet :(

check out mine here :

K said...

i used to read our daily bread when i was younger, and like you, i do not read it everyday but when i feel the need for it. this must be a very good read, if it made you cry. i'll see if i can find a copy at the mall later this week. thanks for sharing!

march on... said...

@imriz - yes the truth hurts isn't it but it always sets us free. thanks :0

@Ms. Joy mH- yes, it moves me and sometimes it moves me to a place He wants me to go. thanks for the visit :)

@earth - your welcome. thanks too for the visit

@zoan - I read purpose driven life too but somehow I can't finish it. I guess not really effective for me :)

@K- I read Daily Bread too and it's like the book in my entry. Very touching :)

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