Friday, January 13, 2012

Prepping for Sophie's 5th Birthday

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Our Sophie is turning a year old on Monday, January 16, and is super excited to celebrate her birthday with her new friends in school. That got me a little worried.

After we checked out from the hospital, I realized I haven’t done much for my daughter’s school party. Aside from calling the cake supplier and making a to-do list while we were in the hospital (I have two kids so I have to multi-task galore!) I haven’t accomplished much for my daughter’s celebration. I’m a little worried because work-wise, we are launching four, not one not two, but FOUR new programs for our primetime block. So I’m so swamped with soooo many things!

Haay, kaya ko ‘to.

So, to start off, last Saturday husband and I met with a cake supplier I found from to finalize Sophie’s cake design. I’m so excited about the cake plus the supplier also makes cupcakes for several network parties so I hope she’s really good. This is the peg for Sophie’s cake c/o Deniel's Arts and Crafts. Yep, the little girl wants a Barbie Princess party.

Then last Sunday, I went to a local mall where there are a number of bazaars and bought stuff for the loot bags. Cute right? The string bags are only P20 each.

This week, I would go to Trinoma to buy paunti-unti banners, party prizes, stuff for the games and giveaways, etc. I tell you, I love organizing parties and events but I never realized a simple school party can entail so much work. Well, there's always a first time for everything. 

After a few calls and texts with the school teachers, I got a confirmed slot to hold Sophie’s party.
Our neighbor, who supplies party needs will make the balloons with the Barbie theme.

The celebrant herself made the thank you cards and decorated it. I just asked her to write Thank you and put her name on a dozen blank papers for a personal touch then I'll do the decoration. But the enthusiastic girl got her colored pens and stamps and decorated each paper. Thanks sweetie, that's one less work for mom :)

Finally, the food. Sinong bata ang ayaw ng Jollibee? So we’re ordering the food online for the kids and school staff. Jollibee and BDO credit card has a promo going on right now for online delivery, it's time to put my new plastic money to good use. Then, we're buying ice cream cups from the grocery. I find ice cream cups less messy especially since the party will be inside the classroom. I bought colorful napkins, utensils and cups so we don't have to serve the food with boring white utensils. 

Here's to hoping the party will go well and kids will have a grand time. Tomorrow, we're off to Ocean Adventure in Subic for a pre-birthday celebration and the kids are so excited! They just love Subic :)

Happy birthday our dear Sophia, our wise angel of God. We love you very much! :)


Venus Layugan said...

wow what a cute cake :) im sure she's have a great party!

happy birthday to her :)

anney said...

Ang cute ng cake! Advance Happy birthday to your daughter! I love the Thank you cards that Sophia made!

Rebel Sweetheart said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Thanks for visiting my site; I'm now following your blog.

Hope you don't mind following me back, too.

Thanks in advance! :D

*MrsMartinez* said...

Ang cute ng thank you card ni Sophie! Happy Birthday!
Ninang MrsMartinez

march on... said...

@ venus - thanks! yup, she and her classmates and friends enjoyed the party. Even us adults enjoyed it :)
@anney - thanks! my next goal is to make her cake myself. Good luck to me :)
@ rebel sweetheart - thanks! followed you back :)
@ che - thanks! see you soon okay?

Rosemarie said...

cute cake, i am also preparing for my son birthday, he will turn 7 before the end of this month, visiting for mommy moment, i hope you can check out my share at

Chris said...

si really like the cake! how much was it? :)

my daughter's birthday is coming up soon and im sure she would love this!!

please email me your reply at amador dot christine at gmail dot com

march on... said...

@rosemarie - thanks and good luck on your prep too :)

@ chris - i emailed you the contacts. thanks and advance happy birthday to Kyla :)

Tetcha said...

I'm sure your little girl's birthday bash was fun and exciting! Visiting late from MM!

march on... said...

@tetcha - thanks! she did enjoy her party with her classmates :)

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