Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Mama,

You are a workaholic, you always spend sleepless nights working. You are strict, you are a disciplinarian, you are a worrier.
I will always remember the time when you are still asleep when we got up for school only to find out that you were up all night working on those gowns, costumes or uniforms. Your hard work has put us to good schools despite being always financially challenged. I will always be grateful for all your sacrifices as a breadwinner and a mother.
You are strict especially to Ate and me because you are protective of us being girls. You instilled in me the value of a woman and to have a different kind of respect for my sexuality and how to protect myself from those who may take advantage. Thank you for that because I learned how to discern the jerks of this world.
You are a disciplinarian because you want me to grow up grounded, self sufficient and diligent. Yes, we get a lot of palo sa puwet and luhod sa harap ng altar but now that I’m a mom I know it’s not easy to instill discipline in children. I, too, am pushing that my kids will become brats and I now understand how much effort it is for mothers. I just hope that I will not have to succumb to palo sa puwet but your apos are quite a handful J
You are a worrier because you’re always after our best interest. May it be our health, the food we eat, the friends we have, the activities we engage in. You are such a loving mom.
Thank you for bringing us to church and closer to God because you believe that if God is with us, no one can harm us. Thank you for the spiritual guidance and nourishment, this is something that I will treasure forever. I promise to instill this in my family. 
Thank you for encouraging me to attend a beginner’s theater workshop. I had no idea about acting and never really wanted to attend but the disciplinarian in you scared me so I went anyway. I would say that it was love at first try. Orientation pa lang I know that I’m hooked to theater. It also helped me to decide on Comm. Arts as a major in college. Consequently, I found a career that I truly deeply love. I know from the beginning that I got my humor from papa but I know that I got my fortitude from you.
Thank you for bringing me to your baking and cooking classes. I have become an expert at cooking home-cooked meals at the age of 17. You also told me to marry a guy who appreciates the art of cooking, so I did. Yun lang, si Bam medyo malusog na kaya I rarely cook for him na. I will forever appreciate that you taught me the ins and outs of Divisoria and teaching me to sew. I now have a discriminating taste for quality fabric and clothes that fit perfectly. I now know how to choose fabric that will not shrink and easily fade. Most of all, I have become an expert at tawaran, Divisoria style! :)
I’m a proud mom and wife because of you. May God continue to bless you and give you good health so that you will nejoy your grandchildren and enjoy life. You deserve it.



Tetcha said...

You're blessed to have a mother who always looks after your welfare. Our mothers are indeed blessings to all of us. Thanks for the visit!

chubskulit said...

What a heartfelt letter!

I love you Mom!

MaiThreeBoyz said...

Valuable lesson. Ang dami mong alam, hahaha, thanks to your mom! My mom also knows how to sew but I did not have the patience to sew. Very well written letter, sis.

kimmy said...

that was a very sweet and appreciative letter. your mom will surely love it...


march on... said...

@tetcha - yes, moms are the best.

@chubskulit - thanks!

@Maithreebooyz - naku, my mom would teach me even how to make a pattern. Mahirap pero she insisted that I learn :)

@kimmy - thanks! :)

Chris said...

what a beautiful letter. i am so happy to see that your mom has really taught you well! :D

march on... said...

@chris - thanks! I hope to teach my kids so many good things as well :)

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