Thursday, August 4, 2011

GT : Fave Word

Girl Talk is on again. Yay! The topic for this week is Fave Word :)
My fave word would have to be tyenes*. It's actually a gay lingo that is so common and practically fills in any word that I can't remember (I have a severe case of forgetfulness) or say (para lang wag taklesa). Also, if there is a word that I think is not appropriate to say out loud, chuva or tyenes lang gets na ng kausap mo kung ano 'yun. lol! 
I have one more word that, not really a fave, but according to my friends and officemates I overuse. It's actually. When they say something that I agree to, I say 'actually' daw. I also most often start my sentence with 'actually'. Actually (there I go again), I'm trying to be conscious in using it now especially in my emails and my blog entries. Trying to use it sparingly :)

*tienes - Spanish word which means has


miratemplen said...

Hi there! thanks for visiting!

Me too, I'm trying to use "actually" more sparingly, kasi i feel like overused ko na. :D

zoan said...

I thought it means, understand, :D intiendes pala un:D iba ang tyenes ehehe

mine is up here:

Mirage said...

ahaha, yun nga pala meaning ng "tienes" cute!

Spanish Pinay said...

"actually" was funny. I know friends who overuse this too :)

not trying to be mamaru (nagmamarunong LOL) but "tienes" (or tu tienes) in spanish means "you have". has as in she/he/it has is "tiene" (or ella/el tiene)

wag akong sapakin! :-)

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

Hi Miratemplem - actually, haha :)

@Zoan- intiendes is a spanish din ata. we use it in ilonggo :)

@ mirage - spanish pinay has a better explanation for Tienes :)

@ spanish pinay - thanks for the correction. don't worry, obvious naman na you're more adept at the language :)

mjrodriguez said...

hmmm...not familiar with tienes so i'll have to wait for somebody from philippines to say it to me para ma-get ko, lol.

but with regards "actually", i think i also use this a lot but not more so like "apparently" according to my friends.

Beauty Queen Gene said...

guilty rin ako sa pag-overuse ang "actually" sa blog posts ko, even sa comments. LOL. akshooli. ang cute nya rin bigkasin kase :P

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