Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2012: Costumes and Candies Galore!

I've never seen so many Spidermen in my life until October 26th. I'm talking about the Halloween costume party in my kids' school with countless Batman, Spidey and princesses came to strut their special outfits. 

Just look at the throng of kiddos in princes/princesses, superhero and modern day cartoon costumes - the three categories of the costume contest. 

 As I shared in my previous post, the little girl came as Ariel under the princes, princesses/fairies category. That's her with the red hair and blue mermaid outfit.

And my little prince went as Spider-Man (but refused to wear his mask, itchy daw). I suspect that Sam's fascination with Spider-Man was hubby's fault. I try as much as I can to limit their TV viewing to Disney channel and educational shows. Then hubby came home one night with a Spider-Man comic book for the little boy. Naghahanap na karamay sa comic book addiction niya...

Back to the party, even the teachers came dressed in fun characters like Jasmine, Pocahontas, the jester, Alice in Wonderland, etc. 

Sophie with her K1 teacher who came as Pocahontas
And yeah, I was one of the judges that day and being so disallowed me to vote for my kids. Bummer right? So it was to my utter surprise when my little girl won the top two best costume in princess category. Yay! All that sewing and beading paid off somehow.
After the party the original plan was to go house to house for the trick or treat but due to the bad weather, the school came up with plan B, trick or treat in the classrooms. Parents just brought the bags of candies in school. Kids were ecstatic with their pumpkin baskets overflowing with candies and other goodies from the trick or treat. 

The following night, it's another trick or treat in our subdivision and both kids went house to house with their cousins and friends. That means MORE CANDIES and sugar rush problems. lol!

How was your Halloween fun? :)


anney said...

Ang cute ng mga bata sa costumes nila! Nakakatuwa tingnan. Congrats sa daughter mo!

EINz said...

Its nice seeing those kids in costume especially when they truly enact their character.Can't wait for our trick or Treat event, my son wear his ironman costume almost everyday and even wanted to sleep wearing it, according to him, it will make days roll faster for halloween party on Nov2. LOL

march on... said...

@ Anney - thanks! cute talaga and so fun to watch :)

@einz - haha! he's so funny. excited na talaga :)

ZaiZai said...

your kids are really cute! congrats kay princess ariel - and to you, she looks great in her costume :)

march on... said...

Thanks Zai. She loves her costume so much :)

joanne said...

Your Ariel deserved to win! She's really cute! And si Mr. Spidey parang excited lang sa candies e! Ansaya at nauso na rin trick or treat saten, hindi ko yan na-experience when I was younger, hmp!

march on... said...

thanks Joanne. Ako rin, never ko na experience trick or treat as a kid, laging tirik lang ng kandila at kumain ng suman :)

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