Friday, December 9, 2011

GT: Something Old

As the old saying goes, friendship is like wine. They get better as they age. I am happy to still be friends with some of the most cherished people that I have met when I was still in college (uhm, like more than a decade ago) and still see these people although not as often as we want to. This post definitely contains something old  but something to treasure for life.

Here's a picture of me and my college bud Michelle of
We've been through all Comm Arts classes, AB pageants and thesis together. Glad we still see each other once in a while. Oh, I recently got a treat from her. Visit here to know about it. 
Thanks again Che  for the post! Ipamamalita ko ito sa lahat ng kamag-anak, kaibigan, katrabaho, mutiply at FB friends ko :)

thanks Chai for the pic :)
Last Saturday, we attended two birthday parties. The parents of these celebrants being good ol' friends (from college too), we couldn't pass the opportunity to say yes even if we know there might be a conflict with the party schedules. Good thing one party was early lunch and the other in the afternoon so we were able to attend both :)

An early lunch birthday party with puppet show for Wynona Esguerra, daughter of friends from UST Winston and Nia, held at Mom and Tina's in Pasig City. Winston is husband's band mate. See more story here. I have yet to upload our group pic with the rest of the group.
That afternoon we attended naman the 7th birthday party of Nicole, daughter of Doods and Nora. Doods is a  friend from my theater days. 
the parents and celebrant teary-eyed during the speech part
How nice it is to reconnect with old friends once in a while, see how they are and what has been happening in their lives. It's such a fun and nostalgic moment every time.

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Meikah said...

It's always good to do some catching up wit friends. It's one of life's sources of happiness. :)

SmartyMommy said...

As they say there's not better looking old glass that old friends. Through the times real friends would remain true and loving to you.

zoan said...

it's fun to celebrate parties with the people we love and with the people we have known for so long:)

thanks for the visit at my site:)

May said...

Hi Janaki! You're so pretty! :)

So glad I happened to hop here. I love how you put colorful photos with your posts. May I invite you to join the Colorful Weekend party? It's a fun meme I host on my blog where we share posts {old or new} with colorful photos: kids, crafts, food, art, landscapes, travel, adventures, anything! Hope to see you there sometime. :)

march on... said...

@ meikah - yes, it's such a happy feeling knowing old friends are still there :0

@ smartymommy - you're right about that

@ zoan - thank for the visit too :)

@ may - sound like fun. will do visit :0

Mom Daughter Style said...

thanks for visiting my blog.

I love attending parties. We just attended one yesterday. I miss the parties in the Philippines, so fun.

march on... said...

yes, Filipinos definitely know how to through a fun-filled celebration :)

Beauty Queen Gene said...

it's really fun reconnecting i agree! i wish we lived closer to my friends so we can see each other more often, but alas i live in the mountains and can only go down once in a while to see them. which makes it more precious, the short times you spend with them ^_^

march on... said...

thanks for the visit :)

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...


Just saw this post lol

I miss you girl!


march on... said...

Miss you too Che. Let's have lunch sometime :)

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