Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Op

Three weeks ago, the long-awaited car was finally delivered by our good agent Alex of Honda Cars. A week after that I decided to take photos of it as requested by some friends. Well, there was an attempt but, as my disclaimer also during my friends viewing, you may not already notice the subject because of one little girl na umeeksena the whole time :)

the supposed solo pic of the car ( notice the little head peeping beside the side mirror?)

with sophie and sam

with Sophie 

and again

and again... i don't know where she got these poses

with sophie and sam again. 

Sam's only photo pic. can you see Sophie's fingers? hahabol pa sana siya sa picture na 'to

Also... last week, we brought the car to Antipolo to have it blessed and here are some photos:

with it's Ninang Chit :)

the deacon blessing the interior. Sophie was on the passenger seat and after the blessing she kept on complaining na 'binasa ako ng pari ng water'.
Although the car has already been blessed, we still haven't decided on it's name. Bam wants to name it Megatron but I'm contemplating on Kiwi or Chico, both my fave fruits and because of the color. 


*MrsMartinez* said...

Congrats on your new baby!
Uy si Sophie parang ako... di nahihiya hahaha

march on... said...

Thanks Che! Yup, I think sa iyo siya nagmana kasi hindi naman ako ganyan nung maliit pa ako :)

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