Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend Treats

For several weekends (except recently when we’ve been really busy with something), I 'd cook with the help of Sophie merienda and breakfast that are very simple yet something we all enjoy eating. For one, I made spaghetti inspired by Amber’s spaghetti. I usually make Italliani's-inspired pasta having outgrown cooking the regular spaghetti with meat sauce. But this time, it's a kiddie-party style spaghetti, with hotdogs ang sweet tomato sauce, something Bam, Sophie and Sam really love.

Amber's Spaghetti, really yummy :)

our spaghetti, syempre masarap din :)

Another weekend, Sophie and I made pandesal pizza. Very easy to do, just cut the pandesal in half, put a little tomato or pizza sauce, quick melt cheese, hotdog or ham (or both), fresh basil and sprinkle with olive oil and it’s ready for the oven (even oven toaster will do J ). Once cheese is melted and bread a little brown and crusty, it’s done. This is a yummy treat, the fresh basil adds so much character to the pizza.

 If you notice, we just love cheese :) 

Then one weekend, Bam and I decided to make a big breakfast sans McDo delivery. We made scrambled egg ala McDo (the soft and moist kind), french toast, ham and...sliced cheese again (which Sophie finished off in minutes). Perfect breakfast to go with the our new Nescafe Taster’s Choice coffee :0


*MrsMartinez* said...

all merienda looks yummy!

march on... said...

thanks! by the way, sasali ako sa promo mo pero dapat instant win ako hehe :)

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