Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sam is exactly one year, 5 months and 1 day today and he's been a really loving and sweet little boy with so many new words in his dictionary. Babies really have their own vocabulary and dictionary that most often only mommies can decipher. Here are some words he already knows:

Bam - that's daddy
broom broom - car
bam broom broom - daddy in the car
ati' - ate Sophie
mimi - mommy, sometimes he pronounces it as mommy :)
Barnei - Barney, his fave character
brutst - brush
bo - ball
bibi - baby
do - dog
mama - sama, as in bring me along please
brea - bread
bash - labas, ei. I want to go outside
damdam/papa - food - this is weird because he never watches cookie monster :0
mam - milk or water. you'll have to ask him if he wants milk or water, if it's the right drink he will give you a pa-cute laugh :)
pee - airplane
toto - his little pototoy
toto pupu- his little pototoy has poop!

Sam's monster face is also his pa-pogi face 

Sam during a haircut session at Cuts for Tots. He's oblivious of the cutter because Barney is on TV

At night, he loves being put to sleep with the I Love you Barney song. Mind you, you can't just hum the song because he will say 'Barney, Barney' which means sing it with the lyrics please.
He also loves the If You're happy and You know It song and when is comes to the shout hooray! part he will attempt to jump higher than two inches off the ground. He also loves the Elephant song in Barney, he would stomp his feet just like an elephant. Friends and neighbors are always telling me how sweet and charming Sam is. Well, compared to Sophie, he's more the people person. Always saying 'hi' and 'bye' to people he meets, even strangers. He's particularly fond of boys older than he is. He loves to hug and talk to them even if he just met them, which sometimes other kids find weird.
Sophie is a different personality, she's more aloof with strangers. She's quite feisty for her age, some say it's an advantage because she's a girl but sometimes I just worry especially when she starts to go to school. I may end up as a regular of the principal's office :( She's nice and sweet to his brother, though, on most times.

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