Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funny Moment With Sam

Part of Sam’s sleeping pattern is that he wakes up between 3am and 5am asking for his milk. He used to say ‘Mommy, mamam’ (mommy, drink). I would then offer him a bottle of water and when he says ‘no’ it means he wants his milk. Now, he can already say ‘gatatsh’ (gatas or milk). Sometimes I’m confused if my son is foreigner or Bisaya, he says things differently. 
Anyway, a few months back, he was asking for milk in the middle of the night. I was too tired and too groggy that I knew he was calling me but my mind is still in dreamland. In short, I slept on him for like a minute. When I finally woke up, I saw him propped on a pillow, eating his milk with his bare hands, like rice! Somehow he found a way to open his milk dispenser, there was a mound of milk in front of him and he was licking the palm of his hand full of milk. I know I should’ve taken a picture but I was laughing so hard I forgot! You should see his face, though, it was like he was in heaven, he was in pure bliss! lol.  His legs and arms were covered with sticky milk but he doesn’t mind.
It took a while before I cleaned him up and the bed of his milk.
Moral of the story, immediately heed to your child’s request for food or else… he’s gonna do it own his own J

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