Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are You A Photo Booth Addict?

I'm a self-confessed photo booth addict. With this new craze getting so popular in parties, almost all parties we attended since two years ago have photo booth as their souvenir. We even had one in Sam's birthday. It's a fun, practical and innovative souvenir for parties. Fun because people of all ages enjoy posing, making funny faces and wearing different hats or accessories. Practical since you are not giving your guests some trinket or souvenir item that they can't really use, these photos they can keep for a long time.

Here are some photos I kept from different occasions:
at Arnie and April's wedding, with the groom
April and Arnie's wedding
at GMA's 60th Anniversary celebration
at an officemate's wedding
wedding again of a friend
during Sam's birthday
cousin in-law's wedding
Even Sophie and Sam are already at ease posing at photo booths. There are more photos of us taken from birthdays parties but I don't have the soft copy. Isn't photo booths really fun?

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BAM! said...

there's a new pic at nica's wedding sa wall ng fb ko :)

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