Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Baby Is Finally Out!

Where have I been the past weeks? I've been going through labor the past months and am I just relieved that it’s finally out! It’s the new News Channel of GMA Network – GMA NewsTV.!


It’s no joke launching a new channel. I’ve done it before for QTV but this one, having a totally new character of it’s own, is a different challenge. Months of labor, sleepless nights and long hours and today it is officially on air. Whew!
This morning I woke up very early to see it in action and as I watch Saksi Sa Dobol B on TV, there was a mixed feeling of pride, relief and continuous worry. I know we will go through some after birth pains for a couple more weeks as the new guy settles into a regular grind. That’s how it is for any new program or channel so the best we can do is assist and support each and every program any way possible.
I hope that you guys can support this new channel. For program schedule and other info, please visit this site and spread the word! :

GMA News TVWill update my blog soon. Promise! :)


Chris said...

congratulations! :D

march on... said...

Thanks Chris! Sorry I have been MIA in mommy moments for some time.

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