Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sam's Birthday Outing

To celebrate Sam’s 2nd birthday, the family planned an out of town trip to Zoobic Safari.
A call to their Makati office got us a good package of 1,399.00. That covers for the 4 adults in this trip (Stephen and I and the 2 helpers). Children 3ft and below comes in free which means Sam has no charge so we just have to pay extra for her Ate Sophie. Justin, the very accommodating marketing officer of Zoomanity gave us discount card for Sophie’s ticket.

Before heading off to this adventure, I made sure that all the kids’ needs were prepared: water, milk, change of clothes (and diapers for Sam), lotsa dry and wet tissue, sunscreen, anti mosquito spray, hand sanitizer, some meds. I also make sure that we bring their health cards and baby books (esp. if we will be out of town for days).

Of course, mommy has to bring her essentials too: Sunscreen, face mist, make up kit (I only brought my no makeup makeup kit or else I would’ve brought a luggage! J), change of clothes, extra shoes/slippers, camera, shades, maps and other info I downloaded (aside from the set given by Zoomanity, it’s hard to get lost especially since it’s our first time to go there). Okay, so I brought more stuff than the rest of the family hehe J

We left the house before 9am and arrived in Zoobic at around 11am. The sun was high and mighty by the time we got there but the kids didn’t seem to mind. Sam was especially ecstatic to see the animals in the flesh. He was so proud to name the animals he knew: elephant (which he calls epant), tiger (the main attaction), chicken, duck, snake, monkey, horse, cat and diff. species of birds. It was his first time to see a camel and he insisted it was a horse This place is really for kids. The tour was very educational and fun-filled. We surely will come back. 

Sharing with you some of our pics:
inside the souvenir shop
Sophie listens intently to the orientation
parakeets immediately flew towards my hand as soon as I opened it
more birds to feed
ostrich egg that is equivalent to one dozen chicken eggs. so much calories in there!

with the kids during the Aeta performance
Sophie never missed a photo opt with these standees
Sam kept coming back to this goat in the petting area

An Aeta in flight during a warrior dance
photo opt after the train ride
he wouldn't come close because we don't have food for him
Our next! Stephen was looking for a new pair of basketball shoes while I am trying my luck on a Tory Burch Reva flats (trivia: Reva collections was named after Tory’s stylish mom). No luck for me and Stephen, though, but it’s okay. We were able to buy some home essentials from Royal Subic and Freeport Exchange. I finally got myself a slip resistant yoga mat! J Next stop, kid-friendly retaurant for dinner. While we searched for a place to dine, we passed by the beach and decided to stop a while. The rich color of the sunset and the the lively atmosphere beckoned. There were people playing frisbee, eating, swimming while others simply sit and watch the sun set. Playing and running got us really hungry so we headed off to dinner after a few minutes.
We decided to dine in the nearest and haven’t tried resto: Texas Joe's. This is a nice place for family to dine: spacious, serving is quick and the food is mouthwatering. When you dine with kids, it's important that the service if fast and good. We love the ribs while Sophie and Sam wouldn’t get off the wooden horses on the porch.

tortilla soup, really good for less than 100 bucks
the 7-slab ribs, P760.00. Oh, you have to taste their mashed potato
this chicken is crispy on the outside but tender in the inside :)
the wooded horses are hit with the kids
paintings made by artistic kids :)
the inviting interior

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