Friday, April 29, 2011

GT: Techie Talk

Techie Talk : My Christmas Wishlist
For this week's Girl Talk, I'm reposting my wishlist last Christmas (click on the link above please). Uhmm, I think I can do without th MiFi but the Smart Pen and Ipad, I soooo want to have.

Another gadget I'm saving on right now is a DLSR cam. I would love to have Canon 5D Mark II , so I can shoot video in HD format and quality, with depth of field of a DSLR. It's what indie directors use now to shoot films since it's also compatible with a MAC OS. It has 21.1 megapixel to boot for your still photos and ISO range from 100-6400. Super cool! ...and expensive. Be ready to prepare a six-digit moolah for a basic kit.

Reality check kicks in and now I'm eyeing the digital counterpart of my Canon Rebel, a T3i. Features include 18 mp CMOS sensor, HD recording, and compatible with Windows-7. What's so nice about this is that it's just around $899. Pricey but not as much as the 5D.

I wish we can all have our gadget wishes soon! :) Happy GT!


bee said...

nice choice of dslr :) i hope you get to have your i pad too. thanks for visiting my blog :)

Simply Dyes said...

great choice!

Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

Happy GT!

kim said...

another DSLR? wow, this is one really hot stuff.. even my 16 year old daughter wants one, lol!

mine's HERE by the way..

Beauty Queen Gene said...

amen to that! may we all get our heart's desire sooner than soon. WTF. six digits for the basic kit? wowza. that better be darn good. hehehe

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