Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sam is two years old now. Yes, he has officially landed the terrible two stage. Actually, as with Sophie, his mischievous spirit and pagka-hyper emerged a couple of months before he turned two. I think it’s a phase that helps prepare mommies for the year two that’s gonna be really challenging! Prelude to war, if I may say so:0

For me, this moment is also an opportunity to instill in children discipline. I am anticipating that because he is a boy, he’s gonna be more makulit than his Ate (big sister) so I am also gearing up on how to discipline a super cranky, hyperactive and overdramatic little boy. Everything is superlative with a two-year old child! But don’t worry, he still is the sweetest little boy; he loves to shower mom, dad, ate, lolo and lolas with kisses and hugs. He still loves it when we hold hands as we walk J I know that at his age he is trying out his independence but he knows that he is still mommy’s baby boy.

Terrible two is challenge and also an opportunity for parents. For those who have kids that are going through this stage, I think we first need to understand some things about toddlers this age:

  1. This is a rite of passage for toddler. They really have no intention of being defiant; they are trying out their independence but can’t easily express it.
  2. In relation to number two, they get frustrated and may have mood swings or tantrums if they adults can’t understand what they want to do or if they can’t get something done the way they imagine it. Example:
sam: alis sam, dito
mommy:  where?
sam: dito! (pointing afar)
mommy: dito na tayo. where do you want to go?
sam:  dito! bibli dandin. bibli barney (there! let’s buy candy. let’s buy barney)
mommy:  oh, ok. sorry honey, didn’t understand you agad.
sam: mommy chulit (mommy kulit).
Si mommy pa ang makulit.

  1. It can occur even immediately after their first birthday or a few months before their 2nd birthday
  2. No is their favorite word. For Sam, it’s No, Hindi and Ayaw but if he agrees he says Otei or Opo J Trick no. 1 : craft your statement in way that will make them say yes so it will turn out to be a positive conversation. Toddlers can be conversant at this age but they have their own language. The trick is to decipher or translate their language so that adults will understand. I listen to Sam as much as I can when he talk his talk then ask him if such word means this or that so I can immediately decipher his new word. Everyday he has a new word or two so it’s important to keep up to him or you both get lost in translation.  
  3. Because they are practicing their independence, they will insist on helping out with the chores or some tasks which could lead to frustration if they can’t do it right. This could also be a frustrating moment for the parent but please try not to throw a tantrum before your child does.
  4. At this age, setting out a routine and following it is very important. It’s one part of instilling discipline in schedule.
  5. At this age, I was able to get Sophie into cooking. She wanted so much to help out in the kitchen so I introduced her to simple tasks like breading the chicken or beating the egg. I also taught her how to fold her shirts, towels,etc. Toddlers likes to mimic adults so grab this opportunity teach them a few chores while they have a genuine interest for it.

Several months back I know that Sam is also ready to be potty trained. Although I was hoping that, like Ate, he’d be 100% off diaper by age 2. But each child is different and Sam is learning how to say when he wants to go to the loo but at bedtime he still wears his diaper. We will get there in time. 


Chris said...

exciting times ahead for you and your little boy! :D

march on... said...

yes indeed. although something inside us will wish that they remain our babies :)

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