Friday, April 29, 2011

Liliw Laguna's Pride

This is a continuation of my Caliraya post. After Caliraya, we passed by John the Baptist Church to say some prayers. This church is also called Liliw Catholic Church. 

Really imposing and awesome structure especially at first glance. The houses nearby are as nostalgic as the church
Surrounding the church are vendors of all sorts of pasalubong and Laguna specialties. One specialty is the kesong puti (white cheese).We were informed by the locals to choose those that came from Sta. Cruz so we looked for that kind. In fairness, it has a creamy, tasty goodness. Reminds you of cream cheese but with a bit more salty goodness. Laguna white cheese is made of unskimmed carabao milk and the cheese are wrapped in banana leaves. You have to put the cheese in a container with ice if you plan to bring home kesong puti from Laguna to Manila to make sure it stays fresh. Good thing, sari-sari stores sell ice, as usual.

kesong puti, 3 for P200. The smaller version is sold for 3 for P100.

the cheese after unfolding of layers of banana leaves.  This size is about  60 cm. in diameter for the 3 for P200 version.

Another Liliw pride are the espadrilles. The stretches of streets near the church sell all kinds of espadrilles.
Range of cost per pair is from P230 - P350. Still cheap compared to those sold here in Manila or online. 

giant tsinelas (slipper). it's even bigger than the man in white

Here are what I took home from my shoe shopping:

brown flats, really comfy and soft

red wedge, somewhat comfy but not recommended for long walks. super pretty anyway :)


Mayet said...

you've given me an idea on where to go for our coming holiday.

love those kesong puti, I used to get some from a cooperative in Tagaytay.

march on... said...

hi mayet - there are also signages we saw of resorts around LIliw although we didnt check them out.have fun! :)

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