Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toy Addiction

Do you know these guys? These are Edward, Percy, Thomas, James, Gordon and Emily. They are Sophie and Sam's train collection from the series Thomas and Friends. There are more that came in different shapes and sizes last December as Christmas gifts for the little ones. 

Hubby and I always wonder how Sam can memorize the names of all the trains (there are more like Cranky, Toby, etc.) when they practically all look alike. But I guess when a kid is really into something, even at 2 years old, he just knows. 
One thing nice about having all these different trains : I use them to exercise the little boy's color recognition. He answers eagerly when I ask the colors of his fave trains. 
He just loves these guys so much he even brings them to bed, with matching kumot pa.

Sam and his train tracks


Spanish Pinay said...

wow! Thomas and friends are really popular to so many kids. It's nice that the toys can really be educational for the kids - we can always take advantage of their love to play to learn something.

Spanish Pinay

anney said...

Ang cute naman talaga kasi nila Thomas and Friends kaya kinalolokohan ng mga bata!

march on... said...

@spanish pinay - yep, this way learning is fun and interesting for them. thanks!

@anney- they're really so cute. we even have one dvd na ang narrator ay si ringo starr kaya pati si husband napapanood :)

kimmy said...

my son, Daryl, loves Thomas and friends!

march on... said...

@kimmy - Thomas and Friends really is a hit esp. for boys. Next thing, my accent na sila magsalita :)

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