Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Thoughts

I have lots of that these days. God really knows how to keep us balanced.

Work right now is kinda toxic! I get home every night with a tad of energy to make a conversation with my husband. He asked why and I said "By lunchtime I feel like I’ve been raped by 3 horses. Lunchtime pa lang 'yan!" So imagine how I feel at the end of the day. Haay. This too shall pass…

On the other hand, my personal life is awe-inspiring right now. 

With husband getting on the physical regimen and making a personal effort now to live a healthy lifestyle, that brings a smile to my face.
Sophie naman is vying for top of the class. Yay! Progressive schools don’t have honor rolls but the ‘most holistic child’ is their version of it. A Holistic child is someone who has show exemplary development in all aspects of learning - mental, physical, socioemotional, etc.- from the first day of school until the last assessment period. During our 2nd trimester parent-teacher meet last week, my daughter’s teacher showed us Sophie’s progress and eagerly relayed how fast Sophie finished the assessment exam. What else is nice? Somehow she had mastered the art of working fast. Remember my post here? She's still OC but faster. I just let her remember our new mantra when working on art – mabilis at maganda (quick and beautiful) :)  I let her say that when we're working on her homework so she will be conscious of time and at the same time not sacrifice quality of her work. Looks like its working. Whether Sophie makes it to the top or not, I’m already so proud of my little girl :)

My little boy Sam is also an achiever on his own. Last January 14 was his first out-of-town trip without the diapers! Yay again! He is turning 3 in two months time and although he is off diapers during daytime and nighttime since he turned two, our trip to Subic was his first long trip without the diapers. Hubby asked, ‘what if ma-wiwi siya during the trip’ and I said with conviction, ‘marunong na ‘yan magsabi. We will stop in the middle of SCTEX if he wants to go wiwi. It’s now or never’ I’m that confident of my boy. And yes, we made it to Subic and back without a single drop of wiwi out of place. Last week, we went from QC to Makati and nobody even worried if Sam should use a diaper or not. Good boy Sam!


anney said...

Godluck Sophie! sana ikaw ang maging top ng class nyo!

march on... said...

thanks Tita Anney- Sophie :)

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