Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Field Trip to The Mind Museum

I was invited to the donor's preview of Mind Museum last February 11. As the invite said, digital marker for Sophie and Sam's star will not be viewed until its grand opening on March 16, I decided to go alone and check out the place first. Good thing I didn't bring the kids yet, there were several areas in the museum still under development/construction. 
Nevertheless, what I saw and experienced was enough for me to tell you that this place really rocks! I am already imagining this to be a place swamped with kids on a field trip or a family on an outing. I can't wait for my kids to see the first T-Rex exhibit in the country or go star gazing or travel through light tunnel. 

Here are some pics to share to you:

Aedi welcomes guests entering the museum

press the button to see the different phases of the moon. 

an awesome interpretation of the planets

this area carries everything about fossils and Stan is the main attraction. 

life size diorama of man's evolution 

In Life Gallery, I enjoyed looking over these massive displays. 

The whole time I was in this room, I was imagining the scene from Night At The Museum. What if all these creatures come to life? Eeeks!

then when you get to this area, you get to touch all these soft, squeezy and rather weird microorganisms.

here is a sample look at a 3D element. This is interesting but maybe they can change the sample animation on screen to make viewing more effective.

There's just so much to see in Mind Museum. The pictures above were all taken from the 1st level of the museum. Ongoing construction is also the Science-in-the-Park where there will be four play pockets: Water, Math, Music, and Living Pockets. 
I can go on and on but there's no greater experience than to actually see and touch them for yourselves. 

Mind Museum officially opens to public on March 16, 2012. For tickets and schedules, please log on to:

Can't wait to go back to this place with my family :)


Chris said...

i am excited to go there with the family soon! it would be a great experience im sure!

march on... said...

@chris - I'm sure your kids will love this place. It's interactive :)

Tetcha said...

My son (and Mommy, too) will surely love this place!

march on... said...

@tetcha - definitely! i think this place will be unforgettable for kids like him :)

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