Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Activities For The Kulitogs*

As summer started, I’m glad Sophie can finally rest: sleep, eat and play all day with Sam and her playmates. Or so I thought.

By week 2 of summer break, Sophie’s already complaining that there’s nothing much to do in the house and she missed school. Thus, the hunt for summer classes began.

On Hobby and Sports:
Sophie wanted ballet so we went to Center for Music and Movement in Don Antonio Unfortunately, the classes clashed with our work schedules and since they don’t offer school service, sad but I had to forgo. Also, something my mom said to me that made me considered other hobbies for the kids - to instead find them a sport or hobby that will be more useful for her in the long run. Ballet is a beautiful artform but it can become a summer fling unless your child really aims to become a ballerina by profession.

With that, the little girl and I had a heart to heart talk and we agreed on swimming classes instead. Knowing how to swim is life-saving for any individual and both kulitogs love the water so this maybe the perfect class for them. Luckily, swimming classes are being offered in BF Homes QC clubhouse and they have weekend classes. Yay! What more can we ask for? J

Sophie being taught how to blow bubble underwater
On Summer School:
We also enrolled Sophie in Reading Readiness 2 class which was held Tuesdays and Thursdays because we want her to develop her reading skills and, uhm, because little brother is in school too. Since they’re inseparable most times, might as well get them both in summer school.

Sam and his Thomas bag so ready for school! Ate Sophie came with her on his first day in school
Yup, the little boy was inArts and Crafts class and he enjoyed every moment of it. I enrolled him in this class to get him more acquainted with paint brushes, pencils and develop his fine motor skills. This is one thing that I found needed improvement in him and it really did! Now he can already draw a face with different emotions, a  tree a cat and a house. He can also write more letters J

The tired looking student after class? Nope, he had the energy to play in the sandbox every after class :)
Another reason why I enrolled him in this class is that he loves to baking and mixing things and always wants to help mommy in the kitchen. The class enhanced that side of him. He may become a famous chef, we’ll never know.

Summer is definitely fun for the kids and us (although busier than we thought). We’re happy that they’re not spending their time being idle and that they got to meet new friends. Sam was so eager to take a bath in the morning because he’s excited to go to school. He even insists on putting on his socks and shoes all by himself.

I'll post how the summer classes went soon :)

*kulitogs - the collective term we use for our kids :)


anney said...

Kailangan ko din ng swimming lessons! hahaha!


Looks like so much fun!!!

NatureFootstep said...

if he was in art come he is soo clean? Don´t they usually get a bit messy. Lovely chidlren.

march on... said...

@anney - ako nga din, parang gusto ko magpaturo :)

@HOOTIN'ANNI - thanks! they had fun for sure :)

@NatureFootstep - ahaha! so observant of you to notice that:) they get a change of clothes with the help of a teacher aid so they go home clean.

pie said...

LOL. I like the way you call them, cuuute...this looks fun!

march on... said...

@ pie - derived from the word kulit! haha :) Theyre just so full of energy from sunrise to sundown :)

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