Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer 2012 in Retrospect

Summer 2012 is about to end and I would say it was one fruitful and enriching experience for the family.

For Sophie, her swimming classes ended last Monday and I'm happy that she can already swim a good 7-10 strokes one her own before getting some air. I'm so proud how she already knows how to handle herself in the water. Although they're so tan right now (Sam tagged along all the time:) ) and will probably take a while before their original colors return, I still plan on continuing Sophie's swim classes. Maybe in an indoor pool this time.

As for summer school, Sam and Sophie attended their Moving Up activity a couple of weeks ago. Hubby and I were there, of course, to witness their presentations. Reading Readiness class where Sophie was enrolled presented a mini play from the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Sophie was the reader (with some help from teacher) while her classmates acted out the story. Yay! The little girl can read. This little wonder always amazes me :)

For Sam, his class presented song and dance number and the little boy having a mind of his own, concocted his own dance moves, ala, Showtime. LOL! Anyway, as their teacher said before the presentation started - it's not the product but the process so don't get disappointed when we see the kids not performing. Disappointed I was not! It was so much fun to watch a bunch of toddlers do their own interpretation of the song :)

Being a recognition day, the toddlers were given awards for the skills and strengths they exhibited the entire summer class. Guess what the little boy got? CHILD LEADER!

During teacher Meg's intro of my son, I captured the phrases 'commander-in-chief of the class', 'his word is the law', he always tell his classmates to be quiet/sit down or behave.' All other things that she said were drowned by kids' scream, overpowering background music and parents' chat but I think we got the point.

We are proud of the little boy, no doubt about it. There is just one 'what if' that worries me.

 What if he gets too bossy to the point of bullying? Like this one time when he bit one of his classmates for not behaving and running around the classroom. The teachers had a hard time pacifying our Sam because he was really agitated. When asked why he bit his classmate, all he ever answered was 'hindi siya behave.' I further learned from the teachers that Sam kept telling his classmate to sit down but the latter won't hear of it.

I had to talk to him everyday for a week that it's never nice to hurt other people and that when he thinks someone is misbehaving tell teacher or someone older about it. Not to put matters into his own hands. All I ever got in response was, 'hindi siya behave.' That's little Mr. defiant talking. According to parenting mags and sites, it is always best to talk to the child with calmness and a lot of understanding and that's what I have doing for weeks now.

 Good thing that parents of the kid didn't call for us because they understood that kids sometimes do that but according to the teachers, the grandparents reacted negatively to the incident. Lolo and lolas being what they are were defensive of their dearly apo. How do you deal with a case like this? It's soooo scaarrry!

Summer 2012 was a different kind of learning experience for both kulitogs and me as well. My, we were busier this summer than last school year. Plus the discoveries we had along the journey were truly noteworthy and substantial in our growth as a family.

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Jonalyn Quita said...

Wow she looks like a pro swimmer. On top of the water! How old is she?
I can relate to your worries. We can't be there for our kids all the time. And all we can do is always remind them, talk to them, and especially pray for them. Coz God is the only one who can be with them all the time. God loves our children and He will guide them always.

Jonalyn Quita said...

By the way, I forgot to say your Kids are achievers at very young age. Congratulations! In every child's achievement is a mom behind it. Keep it up mommy!

Spanish Pinay said...

Oh, Sam is so cute! Mr. Discipline :) it really is a difficult situation but I don't think your son will be a bully. Just try to make him feel that you understand his frustrations and give him alternative solutions when same thing happened (just like you are already doing now) but it is really important for him to feel

Spanish Pinay said...

oops, didn't know what happened... nagpublish agad hindi pa ako tapos hehe...

in any case, I was saying na it is important for them to have their feelings validated... :-D

You have such nice kids!

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

@jonalyn - Thanks! I agree, we can only hope that what we think is best for them is really the best for them. Oo nga, I always pray at night to protect and guide my kids. Sophie is 5, a little adventurer talaga :)

@spanish pinay - thank you for the reassuring words and the advice. he's nice naman most of the time except when something ticks him like... annoying kids :)

Pie. said...

You've got brilliant kids there! :) yes, I think it's a good idea to continue your daughter's swimming lessons for her to master it more. With Sam...napaisip din ako what to do if that happens to us in the future, and what if everything we do fails...anyway, I believe what you did and the pieces of advice in the comments are great interventions! Thanks for sharing! :)

Perrine Renoir said...

the greatest thing to know is that it was time well spent. :)

march on... said...

@pie - thanks!There will always be a first for every mom and when that time comes mapapaisip ka talaga.

@perrine renoir - thanks!time well spent indeed :)

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