Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Open Letter to Papa

Dear Papa,

I know you are a man of very few words so I’ll also make this short...and sweet. Happy birthday my dearest Papa. You turn 70 but somehow the joy and vigor of youth has not left you. Okay sometimes it’s not nice for a 70-year old to act like a teenager but sometimes it’s cute.

I will always love that cute demeanor, the wacky jokes and faces you love to make matched with the dance moves only you can manuever especially after, say, half a case of beer.

They say that children not only get physical attributes from parents (check out our noses) but the personalities and even mannerisms. I agree because I think my sense of humor I got from you as well as that no-worry attitude. That everything-will-fall-into-place and let-the-problem-face-itself outlook really works especially for the stuff that we need not sweat out one bit. 

We love you Papa and I will always cherish your sweetness and dotingness that you so profoundly express: the kisses on the forehead, the blowing of my hair, the way you support me and my siblings in all our decisions in life. Your belief in what we can achieve surpasses the fear and uncertainty when we face a challenge. Heck, I always tell my husband 'My papa thinks I sing better than Banig' (a child singer in the 80's that belts out high notes) when he criticizes my singing voice. I know there is no truth that I can sing better than Banig or even sing in tune but I appreciate the trust you have in what I can do. It's the thought that counts.

I know it’s not easy raising four children and how much you and Mama have to make ends meet to keep us in school and teach us how to be responsible adults. Thank you because whatever I am today, I owe it all to you, to Mama and my siblings. Despite all that we went through, I can say that we are one happy family bounded by love, hope, compassion, laughter and faith in God. 

Now that you're a lolo, you continue to be doting and your grandchildren loves to be around you. You just spoil 'em rich and make them laugh all the time! 

Happy birthday to the man who we fondly call Papa and others call Tito Tito, Mang Tito, Lolo, Jugs. May have more happy years ahead of you.


Mom of A and a said...

what a wonderful, sweet letter!! Happy birthday to your papa!

march on... said...

Thank you Mom of A and a. he is a sweet man who deserves a sweet letter :)

Chris said...

a great tribute for your papa! :D thanks for always joining mommy moments! :) hope to still see you around.

Tetcha said...

Happy birthday to your Dad! A good man like him deserves the best the world has to offer.

march on... said...

@chris - thanks! thanks too for happy moments at mommy moments :)

@tetcha - thanks! :)

Joy Mendiola said...

naiyak naman ako sa letter mo to your father...ganyan din tatay ko, man of few words. thanks for visiting me at occasions of joy.

march on... said...

thanks joy. Man of few words but big on sweetness. :)

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