Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fashion: Spring 2013 Faves

In the spirit of  keeping us fab and fabulous this 2013, I'msharing with you once again what's hot (or could be flop) in fashion. came out with a wide range of wearables and here are some of my fave picks.

Before anything else, here lemme share 2013's color palette. You must have heard that emerald is the lucky color of the year and I heard some of my friends say they're gonna hoard lots of emerald colored outfits. Haha! I hope we're all lucky and beautiful this year :)
full skirt. I'm a skirt person so this goes in on my list

the waistless dress. so comfy, perfect for moms on the go

loose pants; another comfy outfitey

navy blue. This is one of my fave colors, so vibrant and reminds me of my high school uniform!

 Graphic designs to add a creative flair and adventure to any outfit

Crop Top - need to reunite with my gym instructor for this

Drop waist dresses - my ultimate fave. My mom used to make me drop waist dresses as a kid and I love how it hugs the upper hip then goes full bloom from just above the tush to the knee. So sassy :)

At dahil uto-uto ako sa fashion, I can't help but grab this dress from the Mango shelf during it's sale day last week. Love the drop wait design :)

Stay fun and fabulous everyone :)


ZaiZai said...

it seems like the fad for 2013 is all about laid back and loose styles :) too bad there's not much going on in male trends :-/

nice buy, perfect start for 2013 :)

janakidiary said...

@ zaizai - why not loose pants for male? its a definite breather from the skinny jeans. Thanks :)

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