Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Bee

Oh wow! I’ve been busy much that I wasn't able to write something here yesterday. Just to share with you, here's how my Monday went :

530am - got up to assist Sam to his potty trainer (he's a full-pledged big boy now, no more wee wee on the bed :)). Tried to get some more zzzs until 7am.
7am - got up, had breakfast with the kids
730am - cooked and prepared Sophie's school lunch meal. Today she's having pork cutlets, hard boiled egg and banana. I then checked her Reminder folder for any update.
8am – while the kids get bathed, I organized our mails and other documents. I regularly follow Suze Orman on Twitter and she gave tips on the stock life of different types of documents/bills, etc. So yesterday, I sorted out our old and current bills. Decluttering my life little by little.
9am – checked our weekly expenses and alloted payments for the bills, helpers wage,etc.
930am – prepared for work
10am – got a text that a project’s shoot was moved earlier to 11am (geesh, always last minute changes). Called my staff to make sure everything is covered for the morning shoot.
1130am – got to work, checked on my emails while finalizing my staffs’ appraisal forms, plus plus other things to do on the side. I'm super multi-tasking by this point. 
12nn – I went to the shoot location. this is for one anchor only so it’s quick plus our talent is a pro, so love it!
130pm – lunch break (haaay, salamat...)
230pm – to shoot location again, for another pair of anchors
4pm – had a meeting with one section and a supplier for a software demo (Thank God for the energy He gives me everyday)
5pm – work, work, work until 930pm!
930pm – homeward bound I go J

Reached home past 10 in the evening, checked again Sophie's reminder folder. It's Linggo ng Wika and the school is organizing a Palarong Pinoy with the students' family on the 27th. Sounds exciting :)

So that’s basically my day in and day out on weekdays. If there are no shoots, it’s a little bit more relaxed.

You see, I can always tell my yayas to prepare Sophie's baon but I think it's still different when the little girl knows that Mommy prepared her lunch (with matching Disney notes) so if I can do it I always will. 

While in the shower today, my single life flashed back particularly at that point when I think I'm just going in circles. Nothing's really happening in a major major way. 
Now that I'm married and a working mom, I can barely find time to have a moment to myself (except in the shower). But would I have it any different? I don't think so :) 

How was your Monday? :) 


Spanish Pinay said...

Wow, Michi, you're one organized mom. Idol :) Especially with organizing documents. When can I start kaya to do the same :-O

Monday was hell busy for me too plus kind of a bit tensed because of my mom's surgery. Tuesday is moving towards the same direction as Monday too but all is good, thank God :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Spanish Pinay

kimmy said...

wow! that's what we call.. a meaningful life!

by the way, do you mind checking out on Mommy's Files?

march on... said...

@spanish pinay - thanks. i hope your mom get better soon. keep strong :)

@kimmy - thanks. will do visit :)

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