Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Food Share: Wholesome Pop Rice and Live Yoghurt

Happy Tuesday everyone! The past days have been just rain, rain, rain right? This is the season when we stay home more to keep safe and warm and nothing beats staying in bed longer than usual, watching your fave series on cable or dvd while munching your fave snack.

Here are some snacks I found in the grocery, healthy and delicious. A guilt-free way to munch and crunch :)

 Wholesome Pop Rice (P79.00)
A dairy-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free vegan snack that tastes good and nutrient-packed. I found these in Rustan's Supermarket in Il Terazzo, T. Morato. 

It's got a number of variants with interesting combination of flavor. I tried the 5 grains variant but the green tea and black sesame seem interesting as well. I'll try that next time.

 The 5 grains variant really hit the spot for me. I love how the taste of cashew, almond and sunflower seed comes together in my mouth. And the pop rice, it's always been a personal fave snack. 

The size of the pop rice is as big as a one peso coin for easy snacking.

 Bought the pop rice for me and the Quaker Twinkle fruits (12.00) for the kids. They just love these. 

Here's another new find from the grocery, Live Yoghurt from Hacienda Macalauan in Laguna (approx. P 25) 

I found this in Cherry Foodarama. It's like having your quick fix of live lactobacillus but with the blueberry flavor. Other flavors are mango, nata de coco, pineapple and full cream. My little boy love yogurt because he think it's ice cream and doesn't mind that it's a little sour than ice cream especially if the flavor is mango.

As with any yogurt, this should be kept refrigerated and consumed within 48 hours from the time it was bought.
Healthy yum and it's proudly Pinoy made :)

 How about you, any recent healthy snack discovery to share? :)


i♥pinkc00kies said...

not sure if it's "healthy" but i like the nestle yogurt top-ups with kitkat & mallows.

anney said...

We were there last week di ko napansin ang pop rice na yan. Ma try nga din. Ano nga ba ang mga pinamili ko? ah.. yung mga unhealthy! hihi!

Jason said...

Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.

xoxoMrsMartinez | Mrs-Martinez.com said...

San san ka pala nag gro grocery ah hehehe


march on... said...

@ i♥pinkcookies - i'm not familiar with that one so i had to google. total yum! i'll try that one next time :)

@anney - minsan masarap mamili ng unhealthy! i like buying chips there too :)

@jason - thanks!

@che - segue lang during lunch break.hey girl, how are you? :)

kim said...

i love yogurt!

march on... said...

kim - you'll definitely love this yogurt, it's organic and less sugar :)

Tetcha said...

I'm always on the lookout for healthy snacks for my family, too, and I love yogurt. I hope the grocery store near us sells those products, so we can try them, too.

march on... said...

I checked SM and they already carry Malacauan products, even the choco and frsh milk :)

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