Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween 2012: Making Old Things New

It’s almost Halloween and if you go to the mall, it's all about pumpkins, monster (and really ugly!) rubber/plastic masks and tons of costumes for the kids. 

Speaking of costumes, the yearly trick or treat celebration in school will not be missed and kids are excited to come in their chosen character for Friday school activity. Good thing it's a holiday so I don't have to take a leave from work.

This year, Sophie wants to come as Ariel so I’m refurbishing a never-been-used but outgrown mermaid costume her uncle brought from London. It’s sooo cute but somehow just looks a tad short for her. My remedy: add length by cutting off the shoulders and sewing in about 3 inches of ribbons to make straps.

I wanted to use these sequins to decorate the straps but I ran out of supply.

Since I don't have time to go to Divisoria to restock, I went to the mall and found these bubble beads. I always go to Notions in SM North Edsa for my sewing supplies when I couldn't go to Ilaya or Tabora in Divisoria. 

I found the shell design a little too simple so I added those bubble beads and sequins as well

The end result. 

 For the fish tail, I don't have time anymore to sew them myself so I just took them to our mananahi neighbor. I bought a lime green satin fabric and blue frosted chiffon for shimmer and requested the dressmaker to copy the existing fishtail bt make it longer. Can't wait to see the finish product. 

My little boy Sam, on the other hand, is determined to come as Spiderman. I bought him the costume last year but he was still in Thomas and Friends addiction that time so I also made him this train box. This Thomas train is so special to us because we handpainted everything and I never thought I’d get his face right but I actually did.

I’m still thinking on how to make the little guy's Spidey outfit a little more special. I have several ideas in my head already but I have to check if resources are available. 


joanne said...

I'd be waiting for the pictures of the kiddos wearing their costumes! :)

march on... said...

Hi Joanne, I'll post them asap hehe (excited much :))

Spanish Pinay said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! I am on the look for ideas na rin for a custome.. pero not for halloween but for the carnival fiesta next year! haha yes, next year pa.. pero since I plan to do DIY, and busy-busyhan ako, kailangan plan ahead duh-bah!

Spanish Pinay

anney said...

Ang cu cute naman! Wait ko din ang pictures ng mga chikiting! Little mermaid ang birthday theme ni Ykaie next year e. I'm starting to collect mga kung anik anik for her party. Di pa nga na ce- celebrate birthday nya next month ayan at may theme na kami for next year! hehehe! masyado advance no?

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Costume done by a creative genius mom!


march on... said...

@spanish pinay - for DIY, kailangan talaga time and lots of creative energy. Can't wait to see LSP in her carnival fiesta costume, kahit next year pa :)

@anney - haha! excited din :) well, if its a big celebration, you need to start early as possible.

@che - thanks! you forgot to mention kuripot kaya dapat creative and resourceful :)


How adorable! Can't wait to see the result of what you're going to do with his costume. I so love Halloween.

march on... said...

thanks Hootin Anni. Unfortunately, I got home at 2am from work and wasn't able to do much on his spidey costume since I needed the zzzzs. I was up again at 7am for their school party. Next year, I'll work on a better costume for him.

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