Monday, October 8, 2012

Recipe Share: Apple Pie

 This is another recipe from the Baked cookbook that hubby gave: Apple Pie.

Everytime I tell my friends who share the same passion for baking that I actually made apple pie, they go 'is it really hard to make?'
I would say, yes and no. Yes because you have to knead the dough to a perfect consistency and it is not easy. I think I developed a muscle from just making one pie. Plus, since it was my first time to make a covered pie, it was a challenge to seal the pie with the dough. As you can see in the photos below, once baked the crust no longer hang on the edge of the pan.

This recipe calls for Granny Smith green apples and most apple pie recipes I researched require this brand. I don't know why but I just obliged and it turned out that these apples have enough crunch and not watery when cooked.

My bad because I wasn't able to copy the recipe from the book and it's nowhere online either. Not to worry, there are other recipes on the web much like the one I used. The one from the book requires the apples to be cooked with cinnamon, sugar, butter, etc. before pouring into the pie crust and sealing with dough. Next step is to bake and can you imagine the glorious smell of apples, cinnamon and butter in the oven? Hhmmm... :)

If you are a baking addict, Baked cookbook is for you. It's easy to follow. If you haven't tried one recipe, the authors seem to give you enough encouragement and confidence to dare with even the most complicated recipes. Authors Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito are heaven sent, they have some tricks of the trade shared as well. Baked is available on Amazon:


anney said...

Mahilig ako sa apple pie! Pag nag crave ako kadalasan sa McDo ako bumibili yun kasi pinakamalapit na bilihan. hehe!

march on... said...

Anney, kayang kaya mong gawin ito. You family will love this :)

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