Saturday, December 8, 2012

My First

Yes mam, yes sir bili bili na po! Chants the saleslady in 168 mall. It's the month of shop and spend 'til you drop and everyone is into such mood.

I was lucky enough to do my Christmas shopping early so December is not as hectic so when I got an offer to join a Sunday bazaar as a vendor I immediately grabbed the offer. At the back of my mind I know where to get goods to sell but not sure if I can get the stuff all in in time for the event.

The bazaar was scheduled on Sunday in our nearby church so I spent the remainder of the week gathering up stuff to sell. And then my schedule got hectic. The masochist me even decided to sell cupcakes and pudding bars so on top of doing inventory and price tagging on Saturday night, I made cupcakes and finished almost midnight.
Sunday morning, bazaar day – setup time was 530am so we can catch the early church goers. Haggard ‘di ba pero sayang ang benta. I also wanted to sell my pastries while they were warm from the oven. In fairness, my pumpkin and choco chip cupcakes got sold out in just an hour. I was a happy baker! :) I even got an additional order for 11/2 dozen of cupcakes so I asked hubby to watch over the paninda while I drove home and baked. Haha! My pudding got easily sold too but I couldn’t count how many puddings hubby and Sophie ate, they were my handy helpers so it's okay.
my neighborhood bazaaristas setting up their spots

bili bili na kayo! stuff from China, Korea and Divisoria :)

I don’t have much photos of the bazaar. I don’t even have time to play on the tablet or my phone which I brought in case I got bored. The people were constantly coming and going.

Being a bazaarista was such a fun experience; busy but rewarding. I gave me a renewed spirit to take on another enterprising adventure and reminded how much I enjoy selling. On top of it I met fellow bazaar vendors who share the same interest and found new contacts. 

Given a chance, I would like to do this again next year. People were telling me to concentrate on my cupcakes and pastries as they were marketable. Not a bad idea.


Swathi Iyer said...

Great job, Janaki. Love to be around to taste cupcake you baked.

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Dala ka ng cupcakes mo sa Tuesday patikim! hahaha


anney said...

Ang sipag naman talagang umuwi ka pa para mag bake! hehe! Mukhang mas mabenta nga ang food pag ganyan lalo na may free taste o! Naku lugi ka kina Ykaie sa free taste. kanina lang nag SM kami may free taste ng mekeni hotdog nakupo ang kakapal ng mukha halos maubos ang hotdog pabalik balik. haha! Sinasaway ko ayaw paawat kaya binili na lang ng mommy nya ng 1/2 kilo. lol!

janakidiary said...

@swathi - thanks to baking partners for all those wonderful recipes during challenge. i'm learning a lot :)

@che - if i still have time to make, i'll bring you some :)

@anney - haha! hayaan mo na, natuwa rin ang food taster kasi napabili kayo ng product niya :)

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