Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things: Counting Undies

Hi folks! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas despite some sad news we have in our country.

Our family had a wonderful Christmas as we spent it with hubby's family and relatives in Baguio City. Nothing beats being in a house jampacked with love ones, enjoying countless meals, freshly brewed coffee and good conversations for days :) Everyone is on vacation mode.

More of our Baguio trip in separate post.

For today, I want to share another hilarious remark from our little girl. It was just so funny how it came out so unexpected. Lately, we call her issues 'sossy problems.' I tell you, as she nears her 6th birthday, it's just really more of kikay problems it starts to get into me (how my mom handled my sister and I, I wouldn't know)

On our way to Baguio, as we were traversing Kennon road:

Sophie:    Daddy, ilang beses ba tayo sa Baguio?
Hubby:    What baby? (he concentrate on Sophie's spur-of-the moment question because he was tackling Kennon rd.)
Sophie:    How many days ba tayo sa Baguio?
Hubby:    Ah, What do you mean?
Sophie:   (now impatient) hindi mo pa alam ilang days tayo, eh 9 lang ang panty ko! (you don't know how many days we're staying in Baguio? I only have 9 panties for this trip!)
Hubby:    (totally clueless...)

This is an example of her 'sossy problem': panties! I explained to husband that when I was helping Sophie pack her stuff for the Baguio trip, I told her to count her panties so she'll know if she has enough for the trip. Before I could finish explaining, hubby was already laughing so hard! I laughed so hard I almost cried.
I also told husband: ' wag ka, pinili pa namin ang panty na walang sira.' (mind you, we chose the panties that are still okay). That made hubby crack up even more! LOL! :)


ZaiZai said...

Hahaha so cute ni Sophie! Other kids wont even mind if they have holes in their panties.

Belated Merry Christmas btw, to you and your lovely family :)

anney said...

LOL Katuwa talaga daughter mo! Merry Christmas!

janakidiary said...

Thanks Zai. Naway happy happy ang holidays mo :)

@anney - ang kikay di ba? :)

joanne said...

Sophie's such a funny and adorable kid.. Of national concern talaga sa kanya ang panties na baka kulangin, haha!

Happy New Year sis!

janakidiary said...

tama, matter of national concern talaga :)

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