Monday, January 7, 2013

Funny Antics

Here are what keeping us amused at home these day. The two kulitogs and their unique antics.
Sam and his 'galit na 'ko' stance and Sophie and her pick up lines.

Don't mess with the little boy, when he gets teased or doesn't get what he wants crosses his arms across his chest, give you that big frown and piercing look and tell you 'galit na 'ko, sorry ikaw sa akin (I'm mad, say sorry to me). He particularly gets off when people call him baby Sam. He always claims he's now a big boy (insists he's already 5 when he's just only 3 years old haha!).

The little girl, on the other hand, has now developed a talent for throwing pick up lines. I really don't know where she discovered pick up lines because she can never stay up to watch Bubble Gang.
Anyway, mommy always gets the best one. Here's one example:

Sophie: Mommy, flower ka ba?
Me:  Bakit?
Sophie: Kasi maganda ka eh.

Boom!LOL! :)


ZaiZai said...

ang cute cute! super nakaka aliw ang kids mo :)

Swathi Iyer said...

These are sweet moments which live with us Janaki.

janakidiary said...

Zai - thanks! aliw talaga :)

swathi iyer - yes, most definitely. our kids always gives us sweet moments :)

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Funny ng inaanak ko, mana sa ninang!


anney said...

Yung 3 kong pamangkin nagbabatuhan din ng pick up lines. Minsan sumabat ako sabi ko.. boy bawang ba kayo? Sabi nila "bakit?" Sabi ko" e kasi ang corny nyo e!" mwahahaha! tawanan sila. hehe! Kasi kung anu ano minsan mga sinasabi mga nagpapauso ng kanilang pick up lines. lol!

janakidiary said...

@ Che - ahaha! mana na naman syo? mukha nga :)

@anney - minsan talaga wala sa hulog ang pickup lines. Pang BOOM! :)

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