Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baguio's Old and New

I originally didn't plan on posting about our Baguio trip during the holidays because, well I thought 'Baguio post again!'

But hey, this one’s gonna be short and sweet (I will try) :) Just want to share something new and something old to do in Baguio and some of my interesting finds from the usual go-tos.

The Zipline
This is located inside an activity area inside Camp John Hay. It’s P150 per ride. I thought the distance from point to point is quite short but It’s nice to try especially with the chill of Baguio climate.

The photo may seem like tinik tinik ka na by the time you get to the other end but no, the cable lines are pretty clear of trees :)

The area also offers paintball and a photo op with Hulk and another character I forgot for P10 (solo) and P50 (for group).

 You can also enjoy a game of golf in Camp John Hay for P180 per game, if I remember it right. It's an old amusement in the place and rarely visited now but I'm glad the kids got to try.

          Ayan winalis na lang ang bola kasi ayaw pumasok

 Another old time fave but a first for the kids is horse-back riding in Wright Park (P300 per hour for each horse). The kids kept going back here for 3 days especially since the cottage where we stayed was a stone throw away from the park. 

Cute silver earrings from Mines View
Not from Ibay store but the store across it in Mines View. I snatched this for P150 a pair; bought these because they remind me so much of Sophie and Sam. I also bought Sophie a silver ring for a hundred bucks.

Fruits Galore
When in Baguio, one has to grab the opportunity to get hold of their fresh veggies and fruits. I bought fruits for our New Year’s feast since, for one,  they’re much cheaper and fresher there. Also, some veggies like watercress, yakon (fruit or veggie?) can only be found there. Yakon is a fruit best for diabetics.
Recently, I got to try their Sagada oranges, seedless and really really sweet. Also bought Baguio tomatoes as big as the oranges we normally see here in Manila and stayed fresh and plump until last week. How cool is that?

Baguio fruits for our New Year's Eve simple feast. 

Oh and we got to take some photos by the Lion's head, an old landmark of the city, and The Mansion. Both first for us. We used to skip these places since they're usually overcrowded but the kids haven't had pictures taken in these places.

These trees in the Christmas Village were made of used bottles. Neat!

 Kailangan lang talagang mag-post ng ganito :)


ZaiZai said...

so cute ng kids playing golf! :)

how I wish I ca go visit Baguio again, always such a fun place! :)

janakidiary said...

@zai - thanks! adults can play here as well :)

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